Joseline Hernandez has collected a net worth of $2 millions till date. Coming from a troubled childhood, living in projects, she went through a lot of struggles in her career and family affairs before being so rich and famous.

Reward without effort is meaningless

Before she became a rapper, she worked as a stripper in Miami because her family did not have enough money and that was the only option to support her family financially. Out of five siblings, one of them suffers from autism. Therefore, the money that she received from stripping, she used to pay her brother’s medical bills and other necessities.

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Her first struggle in becoming a famous rapper was that she had to provide food and other necessities to her family as they were poor. Her life was so complicated because her mother was an alcoholic. At age 16, Hernandez put aside her dreams to become a stripper to pay for her family’s food and bills.

Her career began when she met Steve J in the strip club where she was working. Steve J, an award winning R&B/rap producer, got her into the studio and eventually launched her music career. Then after in 2013, they got married.

After being married for three years, things started to go wrong between them and they separated in 2016. In the fifth season reunion of “Go Hollywood,” she revealed that she was pregnant.

Apparently, Joseline has numerous arrests under her belt, including charges for lewd doings. Now her new arrogate to fame is being completely another woman on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Another breakthrough in her career came from the opportunity to star in ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’. That is where most of her fame and money comes from. However, she got a lot of hate from her fellow co-stars for being a former stripper.

One of her struggles also includes being bullied online about being a man. She was so affected to prove everyone wrong that she tweeted a naked picture of herself. Although she managed to clear her gender, it brought her more flake and she regrets doing it till this date.

Struggles are required in order to survive because in order to stand up you have to know what’s falling down is like

As for her music career, it is still struggling as she barely has much music out there. Critics pan her as a delusional star whose actual rapping is too weak for her to skyrocket to fame.

However, with every episode of Love and Hip Hop, she is getting more and more famous. Whatever it is, we hope Hernandez will prove everyone wrong!

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It has been declared that the total amount of Joseline’s wealth amounts to $2 million. However, there are some sources which have claimed that her net worth is much more than that. Be that as it may, Joseline Hernandez is regarded as one of the most popular emerging rising star in the hip-hop music industry.