Dave Grohl's wife Jordyn Blum has a model like figure with a tall height

Jordyn Blum and husband Dave Grohl look like they are in a jolly mood. They have put on a stylish look with Jordyn's glittery black outer and Dave's classy coat.
Jordyn Blum has reached age forty one and is a mother to three. But she has maintained her body really well. She has worked as a model previously and maintains her figure as so even now.

Mike Bibby is wearing Sacramento King's jersey. He is throwing a ball to score the point for his team. 1 of 6 Swipe To View More 6
Mike Bibby throwing a ball to score point for Sacramento Kings Mike BibbyMike BibbyMike Bibby playing for University of Arizona against Kansas in 1997Mike Bibby posing with his son, Michael Bibby, after the win of Shadow Mountain HS Mike Bibby playing for Atlanta Hawks

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