Jordan Claire Robbins is a Bermudian actress. In addition, she is a social media influencer, singer and writer. The young actress has motivated the youth through her writing. She has encouraged children to dream bigger and live a happy life. “The young actress is popular for her role in The Umbrella Academy.

Robbins was born on 24 January 1990 (Currently 32 years) in Bermuda. She believes in all religions and follows the basic following of both faiths. Furthermore, she has more trust in the Christian region. This gives her love and hopes to make success.

Earlier Life of Jordan Claire Robbins

Jordan Robbin’s full name is Jordan Claire Robbins. According to the birth, she lies under the sign of Aquarius, where she believes in the astrological sign. However, she frequently checks her horoscope as well as she checks cousin’s horoscope. The Anon star is only the hope of her parents as she is a single child of John Robbins and Marji Robbins.

The Umbrella Academy star, Jardan ready for her role in television series. Source: Instagram

Robbins’s supportive parents pampered her daughter, fulfilling all her needs. Supernatural actress’s parents moved to new places along with their daughter for their studies and professional work. In addition, her father always helped her in sports, and extra activities and her mother helped her in education.

The hardworking actress from The Umbrella Academy completed her schooling in her hometown. Later in 2008, she completed her high school in Bermuda. The diverse actress always wanted to be part of the television industry by acting in films. She attended “The University of Toronto” to gain knowledge of drama. In addition, the actress completed her major in Drama and Psychology.

Physical Appearance

The Umbrella Academy star likes to live in glamour, representing her as a model in all the events. In addition, she has a friendly behavior. The actress can make numerous friends at one meeting. Furthermore, the Umbrella Academy star, Jordan, has blue-green eyes and blonde hair. The actress is very demanding with her outfits.

Furthermore, the actor has a height more than normal girls, i.e., 5 feet and 9 inches, whereas his weight is 60 kilograms. In addition, she has huge fans, especially teenage fans who have learned to dream and are motivated to complete them.

Television Presence in Jordan Claire Robbins

Robbins started her earlier career as a Jamie Plum in a minor “Supernatural” role in 2005 as a television series. Later in 2018, she started her film “Anon,” where she got the courage to be part of the industry. In addition, the actress got the opportunity to work in different roles.

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The hardworking actress will work on projects for speed progress and popularity. Jordan also takes over the modeling career side by side as the audience appreciates her presence. After appearing in some television series, the actress became part of the entertainment industry. She became the lead actor in the movie and other projects. However, the actress is progressing in her work with strong back support from the fans.

The love life of Jordan

Supernatural star. Jordan likes to keep her private life away from the reach of the public. The actress had a boyfriend during her school days and high school. However, her love life ended due to impulsive behavior and decisions.

Jordan is posing for her modeling. Source: Instagram

Jordan considers the relationship as a wise decision that every girl should make. Furthermore, the decision is for your entire life. The couple shares their personal information and connects.

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However, the actress has various types of friends in her life that never let her feel the absence of her boyfriend. The actress also has a strong bond with her parents, who support her intake decisions.


Luckily, The Umbrella Academy actress Jordan has not been a part of controversies. However, she properly manages her private life away from the public. The actress is working hard to get success and has managed to work in every approach of the director. Jordan likes to connect with the audience but limits her private life.

Is Jordan Claire Robbins rich enough?

As of 2022, Jordan Claire Robbins has a massive fortune in the entertainment industry. Furthermore, the actress owns approximately a net worth of $4 million. Likewise, Jordan invested her wealth in the stock market and new companies. She earned popularity and money through means of modeling and acting.

The Umbrella Academy actor Jordan Robbin is posing for a modeling career. Source: Instgram

Not only does Jordan gain her salary from being a natural photographer, but she draws in her income as a model and brand ambassador. Moreover, The umbrella academy star earns approximated $50k from her appearance in a television series. Likewise, she makes roughly $2 million from selling her portrait of nature and other beautiful sceneries.

Regarding Jordan, additional income is earned through her social media accounts. The actress tends to sit live and connect with her audience. However, this formality helps to communicate with the people and audience.

Jordan holds 662k followers on her Instagram account and 397 posts. Other social media accounts for Jordan are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Some of her appearances in films and television series are:

  • Escape the Field
  • Fashionably Yours
  • Anon
  • The driver is Arriving Now
  • Chairlift
  • Black Dahlia
  • The Umbrella Academy
  • Christmas Under the Stars
  • Out of Love
  • The Money Movie
  • IZombie
  • Supernatural
  • 12 Monkeys
  • Man Seeking Woman

What are favorites and hobbies of Jordan?

Everyone has one person that motivates and inspiring to achieve their goal in life. Similarly, the actress looks to Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lawrence as motivation. Furthermore, the Umbrella Academy actress has always been a crazy fan of those two actors from the media.

Jordan is fond of traveling in her free time. Furthermore, the actress manages the time to travel with her family members. Bermudian actresses prefer going to the destination for a longer period rather than short trips.

Supernatural star Jordan loves to play sports. Further, she was part of the sports activities at her school and college levels. The actress led as a sports captain during her high school. Moreover, the actress is fond of sports like Swimming, Tennis, Soccer, volleyball and Football.