John Elway’s net worth rose to $145 Million according to 2017 reports. Throughout his decorated career, he has accumulated numerous honors and satisfying net worth making him one of the most successful names in American Football history. Let’s take a closer look at his legendary career and his sources of income.

With five super bowl wins, John Elway is a living legend in Denver

John Elway, in other words, is a one club man, is one of the very successful names in the history of American football. Throughout his illustrious 16 year career he served as a quarterback for his beloved Denver Broncos. Dubbed as the most prolific passer and rusher of the ball Elway played football since his college days.

John Elway first appeared on the scene as a professional footballer in 1983 when he was first picked by Baltimore Colts before being handed over to Denver Broncos, where he would make a name for him. The first glimpse of the talent he had in him came in January 1987 when the architecture a 98-yard touchdown which leveled the score against Cleveland Browns in the AFC Championship game. Despite putting in a match winning performance Denver failed to capture the Cup not once but twice.

John Elway and his beloved finally broke the duck in 1997 when they defeated Green Bay Packers to proclaim their first Super Bowl title. After successfully defending the title in the following year, Elway hung up his boots setting record after records. Till date, Elway has the second highest passing yard with 51,475 and third best touchdowns with 300 touchdowns. His illustrious career which saw him become a superstar from a rookie was recognized in 2004 when he was inducted to 2004 Pro Football Hall of Fame. After retiring as a footballer, he spent some years as Executive general manager of his beloved Denver winning 4 division titles, 2 AFC championships, and a Super Bowl.

John Elway – the Owner of two restaurants and auto dealerships

Not much people have the fortune to enjoy the second half of their lives as legendary quarterback John Elway. Elway has a successful playing career. He replicated that success when he took over as the general manager of Denver. He took his success to another level when he was co-owner of Colorado Rush in 2002. However, his new career experiment didn’t deliver as like his previous career choices as Colorado Rush was shut down in 2008.

John Elway out of football is one successful businessman who has found success with his two business platforms, Resturant and Auto dealership. John Elway owns two restaurants, both of which are names Elway’s. One branch of Elway’s is located in the Upscale Cherry Creek Shopping District and the other in Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Besides his restaurant, his other source of income is his Auto dealership. Despite selling his five auto dealership, John Elway Autos, in 1997 to AutoNation for 82.5 million dollars he still owns two auto dealerships; Toyota Scion dealership in Manhattan Beach and Chevrolet dealership in Englewood Colorado. From his business ventures and from his football career, John Elway has accumulated fame and admirations. But besides that, he has also accumulated a satisfying net worth which currently values at 145 million dollars. Given the business he has, the value of his net worth is likely to increase shortly.

John Elway enjoyed a successful playing career and managerial career in football. Besides football, he also made his name as one of the best in business with his two business ventures. Now with satisfying finances aside him, John Elway surely must take pride from his career.