Jill Hennessy’s body measurements have been doing justice to her hot bikini looks. Scroll down for the body and career details of Jill Hennessy, who’s a mama of two. 

Jill Hennessy has hot body measurements even after having two kids

Hennessy has maintained herself in a hot physique, even after two pregnancies. She has a slim body with body measurements of 35-25-35 inches and stands at the height of 5 feet and 8 inches.

Jill Hennessey is looking super hot in her short red dress and black heels, exposing her body shape and long silky legs.

Jill’s body comes under banana shaped body type. Her slim
body with a pinch of curves through her waistline, along with moderate but attractive
breasts, flat belly, and broad hips contribute in bringing out the hot look from within her.

Only a few months after Jill delivered her
second son, she was off for a tour for her music album. She looked fit like she never had a baby in her belly and she owes it all to her regular exercises and balanced diets.

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Multi-talented Jill Hennessy has a huge net worth

Hennessy has contributed a lot in Hollywood as a star of movies like RoboCop 3 (1993), Kiss & Tell (1996), Most Wanted (1997), The Acting Class (2000), Autumn in New York (2000), Pipe Dream (2002), Wild Hogs (2007), Small Town Murder Songs (2010) and more.

Jill Hennessy is captured while she is singing, she's playing guitar.

Hennessy took a break from movies after she gave birth to Marco on September 17, 2003, as to give complete care to her child. Like every modern woman, Jill was scared at first to sacrifice her work life. She said she could not imagine her days not going to sets. But looking after her kid definitely didn’t make her feel like she was in leisure.

She welcomed her second son, Gianni, on November 21, 2007. In between the nurturing of two kids, Jill was
encouraged to pursue her career in singing. Jill’s first album, Ghost in My
, released in
2009. Her another album, I Do, was released in 2015.

Jill Hennessy’s husband have been very supportive

Jill is blessed with a very supportive family. Her husband Paolo Mastropietro has always been there for her through the highs and the lows. 

Jill Hennessy's husband Paolo Mastropietro and son Gianni walking in the streets in holiday mood.

She considers her mother-in-law as one of her best friends. When Jill gets busy with her recording works, her mother-in-law would come to take care of the grandchildren. What more could Jill ask for? 

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