However, the long distance thing didn’t work out and they eventually broke up. And Jesse’s decision of not proposing to Jessie turned out to be a good one for both. Following the break-up, Jesse focused on his career.

Now, you might be wondering who is Jesse Palmer dating recently? Well, Jesse is a very busy man in 2016. Currently, he is continuing his position as a sports commentator & as a special contributor for ‘Good Morning America.’

So, it is safe to say that Jesse Palmer in 2016 is single, and perhaps ready to mingle!

America’s sexiest bachelor: Jessie Palmer on his marriage decision

When questioned about what his marriage plans are, Jesse Palmer jokingly said, “I am married to my work.”

Jesse Palmer is a very handsome man with hunky body features, which later named him as one of the most handsome sports commentators in the Canadian News Network. Plus, he prefers privacy and doesn’t like to speak much about his personal life happenings.

Jesse has been discreet regarding his personal life and says he is married to his work at present. As Jesse hasn’t been seen or photographed with any woman, who can be labeled as his girlfriend, the wedding scenario in 2016 is out of context.

Jesse Palmer, a sports commentator & former footballer, has no plans of getting married anytime soon, and as far we know, he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Jesse Palmer’s personal life is riddled with rumors. Ladies’ man Palmer first came into the limelight during 2004’s The Bachelor, where he had an incredible romantic journey with Jessica Bowling. So, is he dating anyone in 2016?

Recently, Jesse has been quite busy with his work. Let’s find out more.

Jesse Palmer has accumulated a huge net worth

You might remember Jesse Palmer from the fifth season of The Bachelor, right? On which Jesse Palmer was cast as the bachelor. The one with as sexy smile and tall height? Ring any bells?

Well, Jesse Palmer is a Canadian sportscaster & erstwhile footballer, who has played professionally in the National Football League’s the New York Giants & as a quarterback in NFL for four seasons, during the early 2000s.

Also, Jesse Palmer is in the process of hitting a milestone & is still in front of camera. And just at the age of thirty-seven, Jesse Palmer has already earned a hefty net worth of $4 million.

Still searching for ‘The One’ : Is Jesse Palmer dating anyone?

Every fan of ‘The Bachelor’ season five has queries on why Jesse didn’t give Jessica a ring? Speaking of which, Jesse chose Jessica Bowling as his final girl at the end of the show.

But, instead of a sparkling diamond ring, he gave her a first class plane ticket to New York so they could have some alone time & see how the thing would go.