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Jesse Palmer, married to his work, is earning a handsome salary resulting into a net worth of $4 million. While his ex-girlfriend, Jessica Bowling, has already settled down. Looks like work comes first for Jesse!

You remember the fifth season of The Bachelor, right? On which Jesse Palmer was cast as the bachelor? The one with the tall height and sexy smile? Ring any bells?

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Jesse Palmer is a Canadian sportscaster & erstwhile footballer, who has played professionally for the NFL’s the New York Giants & as a quarterback in NFL for four seasons, during the early 2000s.

Besides being a professional footballer, Jesse came in the limelight during 2004’s The Bachelor, where he shared an incredible romantic journey with Jessica Bowling. And that’s what we will be talking about today. With no further ado, let’s start our digging.

The finale of The Bachelor Season Five brought no happy endings: No engagement and a broken affair

Whenever we hear The Bachelor season five, the only thing that comes to our mind is that, why Jesse didn’t give Jessica a ring? Speaking of which, Jesse also gave the rose to the wrong girl.

Jesse chose Jessica Bowlin as his ladylove at the end of the show. But, instead of diamond engagement ring, he offered her a first class plane ticket to New York so they could have some alone time & see how the thing would go.

But the couple broke up some months after the season five finale & the decision of Jesse not to propose to Jessica turned out to be a good one for both.

Because, following the breakup, Jessica graduated from the East Carolina University & Chapman University Law School and also passed the State Bar of California in the year 2007.

Nothing much is known about her, but according to her Facebook page as Jessica Bowlin Rawi, she is now married & has a two cute babies.

Whereas for Jesse, he says he is married to his work at present. Somehow, both of them have kind of found love & peace in their way, but still, the question 'when will Jesse Palmer get married?' remains unanswered.

Former ‘The Bachelor’ lad: What is Jesse Palmer doing?

Jesse Palmer, a sports commentator, who nowadays is New York-based reporter for CTV’s eTalk, is busy with his professional work. Covering both entertainment & sports events on CTV’s eTalk, Jesse has guest starred in TV shows like “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” & has hosted first two seasons of “Recipe to Riches”.

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Also, Jesse is currently serving as a special contributor on Good Morning America & had equal contribution in covering the Super Bowl & the 79th and 80th Academy Awards.

The best answer for 'what is Jesse Palmer doing?' is, the man is still in front of the camera and is in process of hitting a milestone.

Also, just at the age of 37, Jesse has garnered a whopping net worth of $4 million. But reportedly there has been no revelation on his salary. Jesse Palmer isn’t married, and as far we know, he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

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