Details on Jeffrey Bruce Livingston's early life

Jeffrey Bruce Livingston looks at the camera with his sunglasses placed below his eyes, he is siting in a chair in a big yard.
Born to Deidre Sharp Livingston and Bruce V. Livingston on October 4, 1986 Jeffrey Bruce Livingston is a Dunedin native.He was a humorous child. His parents own and operate a company that manufactures and sells dental equipment.

Jeffrey Bruce Livingston is standing with his in-laws, he is standing in the middle of the photo with his wife and mother in law in his side. 1 of 4 Swipe To View More 4
Jeffrey Bruce Livingston with his in-lawsJeffrey Bruce Livingston with his wife Abigail HuntsmanDetails on Jeffrey Bruce LivingstonJeffrey Bruce Livingston all suited up

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