Jd Harmeyer, well-known TV personality of Howard Stern: Behind the Scenes Show gets to keep his annual salary of $100,000. Currently, 37 years old Harmeyer’s relationship is labeled as taken and his girlfriend’s name is Megan.

JD Harmeyer’s relationship with webcam model Megan and his awkward job interview moment

He is a staff member of The Howard Stern Show and with making frequent appearance on the show, he has gained quite a popularity in the television world. He is known for not only his good looks but also for his awkward verbal exchanges and mannerism.

However, none of his shortcomings affected him from being linked to a cute looking girl like Megan. They have both appeared together on the carpet for Howard’s birthday bash.

Harmeyer’s girlfriend identity is still not revealed but she looks really gorgeous. Many people are forced to think how he can have such a beautiful girl. However, some sources revealed that his girlfriend is a webcam model. It is well known that Harmeyer is a fan of live webcam models, so it is believed that he might have fallen in love with Megan as she is also a webcam model.

It is not known if Harmeyer is still attached to his girlfriend right now as there isn’t much news update circulating about their love story. There is an endless supply of hot girls who makes guest appearances on the show for Harmeyer to meet him.

Harmeyer was not popular at the time he started working for The Howard Stern Show, Let’s check out one of his awkward job interview videos at his early career days.

J.D. Harmeyer is a big fan of movies & TV series

It may be expensive to use the services of live webcam girls but Harmeyer has no problems affording it with his salary of $100000. As a media producer of The Howard Stern Show, he works very hard. He is definitely committed to the show.

Nearly a year ago, he was seen holding Webby Awards. Harmeyer shared the moment with his fans through Instagram.

Harmeyer is a big fan of movies and TV series. He always wanted to see himself in front of the big and small screen. J.D.’s favorite movie is Blue Hawaii. Likewise, when it comes to choosing between one of his favorite TV shows, it would be Hawaii Five-O. He has not made many appearances to date. He is just popular for his appearance in Howard Stern: Behind the Scenes Show.

He is quite active on Instagram. Harmeyer frequently posts instant click through his Instagram. Let’s check out his recent click with a funny caption.

The Howard Stern Show famed Jd Harmeyer is definitely having the best of his days earning a salary of $100 thousand annually. On the other hand, the 37 years old Jd Harmeyer is really lucky to have a beautiful and supportive girlfriend beside him.