Jane Musky and her husband Tony Goldwyn’s nearly three decades of married life has lived through several rumors. There have been speculations about Goldwyn’s extramarital affairs but they don’t seem to affect their marriage which is formed with so much love and trust. Jane Musky is still living happily with her husband and two children.

Jane Musky has been married to husband Tony Goldwyn since 1987, i.e. 28 years, and everything seems perfect between the enduring couple, regardless various rumors that have flooded in the media. The happily married couple share two children together.

Jane Musky, popular in herself as production designer and art director has become more famous as the wife of an actor Tony Goldwyn.Despite various rumors circulated around the medias about Goldwyn cheating his wife, the couple still seems to have shared the strong bonding together.

Jane Musky’s blissful marriage: Loyalty acts as key to longevity

Jane and husband Tony are from the same professional background . Just a difference is Jane works behind screen whereas Tony appears on-screen. It may be one of the reasons, understanding is developed between them.

The celebrity couple seems happy together since they exchanged their vows in 1987. Unnecessary interference of public in their committed relationship didn’t create any fuss between them.

Maybe Musky’s liberal nature plays an important role.

Tony, who is influenced by his parent’s relationship says “there should be always 50-50 partnership”. His mom who left her career behind for his dad never got care from her husband that she deserved.

So, he always wants to keep his wife in first priority. Their daughters Anna and Tess have also grown up with an idea that “50-50 partnership” is the norm in a relationship.

One-woman-man Tony Goldwyn! His heart beats only for wife Jane Musky

Goldwyn may portray a Kerry Washington-obsessed man on the popular TV show “Scandal” but in actual, his heart belongs to only his wife. He had a major antagonistic part in “Ghost” which also involved Musky.

Besides few film projects, in which they were involved together, their real love life is the most important. However, rumors about her husband’s off-screen romance with Kerry Washington brought some questions on their commitment.

Goldwyn was found enjoying a romantic dinner with a woman other than his wife. Eyewitnesses claimed that they were deep in a conversation like in their own little world. But till date, these cheating speculations don’t seem to have mattered a lot in their devoted love life.

Goldwyn has revealed about how he has tried to keep their marriage fresh. He stated they have Sunday ritual together where he prepares breakfast followed by big home-cooked dinner.

His reveal about how he surprised Musky for her 50th birthday and the way she enjoyed the surprise party, he had organized for her along with 70 friends from around the world shortly accounts their dedicated love life.

Additionally, one thing he loves the most is going to bed every night with her, for which he feels lucky. The enduring couple seems to share romantic chemistry together apart from various speculations floating around.