Jacqueline Obradors possesses appealing hourglass body measurements of 36-25-36 inches. Standing at a height of five feet six inches, this sexy lady has flaunted her curvaceous figure in a bikini. She was featured in Stuff magazine several years ago.

Jacqueline Obradors is one of such actresses who lures you with her sexiness and attractiveness. Also, Jacqueline posed for men’s magazine, Stuff, in 2002, which created a sensation. Let’s learn more about this sexy actress.

Jacqueline Obradors curvy goodness: Her sizzling photoshoots with Stuff magazine

Hot and sophisticated Jacqueline Obradors posed for Stuff (a men’s magazine) in 2002, wearing a light blue bikini top and snake leather print pants, flaunting her flat and toned belly. No one can forget her hot photoshoot.

That photoshoot for Stuff magazine really brought her to the limelight, from earning her appreciation for a beautiful curvaceous body to landing significant acting roles to have a stable career in Hollywood.

Famous for her captivating beauty, Jacqueline Obradors has a seductive appearance with a curvaceous body shape. Lucky Jacqueline, she got the hourglass body that many of women strive for. Since the curvaceous physique is known as the perfect feminine shape, likewise, the beauty & sexiness of Jacqueline is admired by millions of us.

With a curved figure being so in trend it’s no wonder that the celebrities, actresses, or pop-stars are immensely successfully & admired by so many. Among which Jacqueline Obradors is considered as a goodness of curvy body-type.

Jacqueline Obradors’s body measurement: Her height, weight stats, and bra size

Jacqueline Obradors, a brown-eyed beauty, owns a very appealing hourglass shaped body. Although she’s in her late forties, Jacqueline maintains a very attractive measurement of a curvilinear figure. She weighs 127 pounds & uses 34D bra size.

Jacqueline Obradors has an hourglass build with curves of 36-25-36 inches. All her curves are in their places but her boobs are relatively big, her stomach is flat and her hips are relatively narrow.

Surprisingly, the woman is in her late forties and her evenly toned body can be the result of extensive workout regimes. Also with the well-defined curves, fuller hips and a towering height (5’6’’), Jacqueline dresses very smartly and generally looks for dresses that showcase her figure.

Jacqueline owns a sexy hourglass body type with perfect measurements and has marvelously flaunted her physique in a number of bikini/swimsuits photo-shoots. Her sexy photo-shoot with Stuff magazine in 2002 is still remembered in 2016. Jacqueline Obradors just nailed that blue bikini top and snake printed pants.