Though Jack McBrayer has spent almost two decades in the entertainment industry, he has been exceptionally successful in keeping his love life unreachable from the public’s eyes, never been caught dating anyone. The hunk does not seem interested in getting married either. Why? Is Jack McBrayer gay or straight? We shall find out!

Jack McBrayer still has no girlfriend!

Jack McBrayer has been there and done that when it comes to professional life. He has proved himself with his incredible talent and has been able to land in the hearts of many. 

Jack McBrayer attending an event with his '30 Rock' co-star Jane Krakowski

Being known for his outstanding performance in the American sitcom 30 Rock, he has pulled himself among fans. Along with his fascinating working life, his personal life has been of equal interest to people.

We have a list of celebrities who prefer to keep their relationships inside the closet. And it seems the serenading Jack McBrayer is among them.

Despite fans’ curiosity about Jack’s dating life, he has opted to keep it as silent as the grave. Many are wondering whether or not he has a girlfriend. Does he have no plans on getting married and having a wife? So far, the most probable answer to that very question is on the other side of the coin. 

Strange! An actor capable of stealing his heart with his breathtaking performances has no one in his heart. Hopefully, soon, he will find his ideal partner.

Jack McBrayer’s silent dating life led to gay speculations!

Jack seems to pull every trick off to get a woman on screen, but he is enjoying singlehood in real life. Moreover, McBrayer’s no partner has raised several assumptions about his sexual orientation.

Jack McBrayer on '30 Rock' as Kenneth Parcell

Speculations are being made about him being gay. However, the fact of his sexuality is still within himself. 

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