Jack McBrayer keeping his personal life behind the closed doors sparked gay rumors

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Though Jack McBrayer has spent almost two decades in the limelight, he has been exceptionally successful in keeping his love life unreachable from the prying eyes behind the closed doors. Never been caught dating anyone, the hunk does not seem interested in getting married either. Why? Is he gay or straight?

Strange! An actor who is capable of stealing heart with his breathtaking performances has not been able to find a perfect partner; at least camera has never captured him getting cozy with any woman. It seems like he feels accomplished by his successful career and has not felt the need of having a wife yet.

Hiding personal details is quite common with celebs but being totally possessive about it can definitely enrage their fans. Nevertheless, this fact does not seem to bother him as he has been utterly quiet about his private matter even after being talked as gay. The scenario is not same when it comes to this 30 Rock famed actor’s professional achievements.

Jack and True Blood famed Alexandra Skarsgard are close friends. These unlikely pals went on a 9-day journey to the Arctic on Greenpeace boat in 2015. The IRL friends collaborated with Funny or Die to film a comedy series and on the set of that, they had to travel coldest places on Earth. 

Tall height of 5 feet 10 inches and killer smile has been trademarks of this 43-years-old. Plus, the actor seeming always lovable, young and cute boyish is another factor that definitely pulls many women’s interest towards him. While it is quite clear that he is not a gay, his fans are eagerly waiting to see him getting married and having a wife.

Jack seem to pull every trick off to get a woman on screen but in real life, he is enjoying a singlehood, currently residing in Los Angeles. His biography is readable on various sites on the Internet. But he is less active in social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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