Jack Gilinsky is an American singer best known for being one-half of the pop-rap duo, Jack & Jack. He formed the band with best friend and fellow singer Jack Johnson.

Jack Gilinsky & Jack Johnson started their career on YouTube

Jack Gilinsky met his bandmate, Jack Johnson, on their first day of kindergarten and remained friends throughout their elementary and high school years. The duo’s career began in the year 2007 when they created their first YouTube channel MotherFalconQuagmire.

They posted short satires and lip syncing videos, parodies of popular music videos and so on. Though the channel was created as a side hobby, they managed to get a considerable amount of audience within a few months.

During the summer of 2013, they started posting six seconds clips like I Never Miss series on Vine, establishing themselves as a comedy duo. Following that, their Nerd Vandals clips managed to become viral and they accumulated 25,000 followers in a very short period of time.

After that, the duo joined the Magcon tour and they continued to grow their popularity along with other Vine artists. By February of 2015, they managed to accumulate over five million followers on their joint Vine account and were voted 18th Most Popular Viner.

Jack & Jack also launched their first ever mobile app games with SkyVu Entertainment, Omaha-based mobile games company. Their first game was named Let It Goat, which garnered over the million downloads within the first month. Following the first success, they launched their second game Jack & Jack Vines Puzzle Game in Dec. 2014.

Jack Gilinsky’s further success with Jack & Jack

 Jack Gilinksy and Jack Johnson both wearing red jacket with caps and are seen holding mics

Jack & Jack recorded their earliest and unofficially released ( co-written) songs in a makeshift studio, where the background instrumental was made by Eakins brothers. In January 2014, the duo released their first original song Distance. Within a year, they self-released 11 singles and collaborated with established musicians like Shawn Mendes and Steve Aoki.

After graduating from Omaha West Side High School in June, Jack & Jack headed to L.A to headline DigiTour Jack and Jack, which consisted choreographed music performances, fan interactions and comedy skits. Along with this, the duo performed at Teen Choice Awards, where they were nominated in the Choice Viner category.

Both Jacks are singer-songwriters and can play instruments. They share an interest in R&B, reggae, and hip-hop which have influences on their own songs. By February 2015, they had sold 1,000,000 singles on iTunes. Their singles Like That, Doing It Right, Tides, Cold Hearted, and Right Where You Are, entered the Billboard Top Digital Songs shortly after their release.

Jack Gilinsky & girlfriend Madison Beer: Why did they break up?

Gilinsky was, until recently, in a relationship with singer Madison Beer. The couple began dating in 2014 and remained a power couple for quite some time.

They were together until June 2017. On July 1, 2017, a voice recording of Gilinsky verbally abusing Beer was released, following which the singer has come under scrutiny from fans.

Madison Beer speaks out on abusive relationship with Jack Gilinsky. Know their relationship history