John David Souther (stage name J.D. Souther)’s net worth has been a topic of interest to many. After all, he is an iconic musician who is a Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee. He is also one of those extremely talented who has amassed a huge success in both singing and acting industries. He is prominent in the industry since the late 60s with chart-topping songs and albums.

J.D. Souther’s music and acting career details

J.D. was born on 2nd November 1945 in Detroit. His father, John Souther Sr., reportedly worked for the MCA as an agent. John attended the Amarillo College before heading “west to Los Angeles” to follow his dreams.

John started his musical career in the late 60s after meeting musician and songwriter, Glenn Frey. The two later became roommates and also formed a folk duo. They released their first album through Amos Records.

J.D. Souther posing with his guitar and a cigarette

The artist claimed to prominence when he co-wrote some of the biggest hits for the Eagles, including Best of My LoveHeadache TonightVictim of Love and New Kid in Town.

In 1971, John played for Asylum Records. His records established him as a prolific songwriter. His first band, Souther Hillman Furay, had “one hit single and a promising first year of touring.”

In 1976, singlehandedly, John wrote for Eagles and Linda Ronstadt, some of which went on to become “breathtaking recordings” and provided him with inconceivable fame. That fame further led him to several tours and traveling too.

J.D singing his massive hit You're the Only Lonely

In 1979, John recorded his first massive hit, You’re Only Lonely. The track charted in the Billboard Top 100. Simultaneously, he coordinated with Henley, Frey, and Bob Seger to write Heartache Tonight, which topped the Billboard chart. John reached to new career heights when You’re Only Lonely was released. The song peaked at Billboard Hot 100.

 On 14 October 2008, John released another hit album called  If the World Was You.

How much is J.D. Souther’s net worth?

With the successful music career that John has, he is expected to have a lavish lifestyle. Following his song releases and acting pursuits, since 1989, John has also appeared in some television shows, including  Thirtysomething. John has even starred in movies like  Postcards from the Edge, Purgatory, Deadline, and  Nashville.

JD Souther giving an iconic look besides drums, guitars and other musical instruments

All his work in the music and acting field must have helped him to accumulate an impressive amount of net worth. Well, so far, the exact figure of his net worth hasn’t been revealed, officially but, is somehow expected to be in millions.

J.D. Souther had a decade long “missing years” until 2008

Few years into the public spotlight, John opted to live a simple life with his two dogs at Hollywood Hills – his dream home. For around a decade, he abstained from music and pursued his traveling interests. He traveled to different places, including New Zealand, Japan, Colorado, and Petaluma.

In 2008, John made a comeback to American entertainment industry by assembling jazz musicians. His release,  If The World Was You, earned titles like “the jazziest singer/songwriter record of our time.” Also, the critics called it “the most literate and lyrically sophisticated new jazz record on the market.”

Twice-married and divorced, J.D. was first married to singer Alexandra Sliwin in March 1969 but later ended up the relationship in a divorce. In 2004, he got married to Sarah Nicholson but unfortunately, that also ended in a divorce in 2010.

Cover of J.D. Souther's recent album Tenderness

More recently, he released an album, Tenderness, in 2015. As John divulged, it follows the aftermath of his divorce with the second wife.

If you haven’t yet watched J.D. Souther perform, you are missing out on the world! The next scheduling of his tour is at Franklin Theatre in Franklin, Tennessee on September 22.