Sara Eisen is rumored to be pregnant! If it’s true, it would be her first baby with husband Matthew Levine, whom she has been married to since 2016. 

Is Sara Eisen pregnant? Co-anchor David Faber might know!

Sara Eisen during her wedding ceremony

Eisen is pretty reserved about her personal life. She does have an Instagram and posts photos of her husband but she doesn’t really reveal much about what’s going on. 

She has also not addressed those pregnancy rumors yet. Some fans have asked the question on Twitter but their queries have gone unanswered.

One particular fan thinks her Squawk on the Street co-host might be in on it.

Sara Eisen looking hot in her white simple dress, she is currently serving CNBC.

“WHOA did David Faber  just spill the Beans that @SaraEisen is Pregnant???” wrote one on Twitter, while other chimed in with, “It sounded like he possibly might have…@davidfaber usually has very good sources ?.” 

Sara’s Instagram posts suggest she likes babysitting her nieces and nephews. Well we would surely like to see Sara with a baby bump soon.         

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