An American rapper and singer, Inty Miller, is popular as Princess Inty. Apart from this, she is the daughter of famous rapper Master P(Percy Robert Miller). She has also released her rap on Soundcloud.

But, she is not the only child of her parents. So, who exactly is Inty Miller? What’s her relationship status? What’s her net worth? In that case, we will find out more about it below article.

How old is Inty Miller? Age and Bio

Princess Inty is now twenty-eight years old. Further, she was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on June 25, 1993. Moreover, she was born to artistic parents. Master P and Sonya C are Miller’s parents. Her mother was also a rapper who released most of her songs in the 1990s.

Inty Miller fun time with her siblings in Universal Studio Hollywood.
Inty Miller has fun with her siblings on horror nights. Source: Romeo Miller via Instagram

Unlike her father, her mother quit her career in the middle because she wanted to focus more on her family and children. On top of that, Miller is American by nationality and comes from Afro-American ethnicity. Similarly, her birth sign is Pisces.

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In addition, she was raised with her eight brothers and sisters, Romeo Miller, Cymphonique Miller, Tytyana Miller, Vercy Miller, Veno Miller, Italy Miller, Hercy Miller, and Mercy Miller, in Calabasas, California. Furthermore, Cymphonique and Veno Miller are not biological siblings of Princess Inty.

Is the Young Miller in a relationship?

At the age of twenty-eight, Princess Inty is living a single life. The rapper has a height of 5 feet, about 165 lbs. She has black hair color and eyes. The rapper does not seem comfortable with the media attention involving her private matter. As such, she keeps a moderate distance from the spotlight.

Inty celebrating valentine day with her dog Burberry.
Inty with her dog Burberry on Valentine’s day. Source: Theonlyprincessinty

The same is true with her love life; the rapper has not given any official statement regarding her relationship status. Therefore, it’s unclear if the rapper dated someone in the past or is currently dating someone. So far, her social media sites suggest she is not bound to any romantic affairs.

But Miller is a pet lover. She has a cute fluffy dog named Burberry, who showers all her tenderness. We could often see posts relating to her dog on her Instagram post. She even posted a picture with her pet celebrating valentine’s day.

Inty’s relationship with her parents

Although her parents were divorced in 2014, Inty shares a good bond with both. For almost 25 years, Inty’s parents decided to separate their ways. The reports suggest that the reason for their divorce was Master P’s extramarital affairs. As a result, Cymphonique Miller is the daughter of her dad’s extra affair.

Inty with her dad for father's day celebration.
Inty poses for a photo with her dad, Master P, with a red Ferrari in the background. Source: Theonlyprincessinty

However, the young rapper does not seem annoyed by their divorce and holds good relations with her parents. Besides, she is also very close with her half-sister, Cymphonique. For now, the young rapper is pretty busy pursuing her career in music.

Inty Miller and her net worth. Also, her parent’s net worth

Inty may not have gained as much popularity and fame as her dad. Still, she has earned herself quite a few bucks. Her father has also helped her a lot in her struggling phase in her music career. As a result, she has a net worth of $500k. Singing is what she makes a lot of money from.

Inty Miller's holiday photo from Honolulu, Hawaii.
Inty Miller is on vacation in Hawaii. Source: Theonlyprincessinty

On the contrary, her father is a multimillionaire. He has a massive amount of $250 million. He accumulates his income from his rap career and his business empire. In addition, he owns a Conglomerate business with $110 million/ year revenue.

Being the daughter of such a wealthy man, Inty has certainly lived a luxurious life. She even has a black Rolls Royce Ghost and a white Mercedes Benz as her birthday gift from her dad. The price of the cars is thousands of dollars.

Online Presence of Miller

As of 2022, Inty Miller gained a decent amount of followers. However, Miller currently holds a few thousand followers. Furthermore, Inty’s biggest number of followers is on Instagram, which presently has 7k on IG.

Likewise, Miller also uses other social media sites. However, Inty hasn’t been very active on the other sites. Besides Instagram, Miller also owns an account on Facebook and YouTube. But, she has less than a hundred followers on both sites.

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