Updated: 02/03/2017 12:53 PM | First Published: 02/02/2017 03:11 PM

Indra Nooyi’s family has a huge hand in her success

Indra Nooyi family picture

Indra Nooyi was born as Indra Krishnamurthy on 28 October 1955. She was born as the second child of the family. Her father worked at the State Bank of Hyderabad. Her sister Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon is a singer.

Indra’s parents have played a major role in shaping her career. Her parents are indeed ideal parents who permitted a girl to study abroad while living in a conservative society. Nooyi still recalls the moment when her parents surprisingly agreed to let her move to New Haven, Connecticut in 1978. Speaking to the Financial Times, she said, "It was unheard of for a good, conservative, south Indian Brahmin girl to do this. It would make her an absolutely unmarriageable commodity after that."

Contrary to this, Indra got married in 1980 to Raj K. Nooyi. He is the president at an IT company called Amsoft System. She adopted her husband’s surname after marriage. 

Indra and Raj are married till date and have two grown-up daughters – Preetha Nooyi and Tara Nooyi. Their elder daughter Preetha holds an MBA degree from Yale School of Management, the same school where Indra had studied. Indra currently resides in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Like her parents, Indra’s husband has also been supportive of her. He has always respected her career decisions and has helped her in reaching her goals.

Indra is already in her 60s and is still deeply attached to her parents, especially her mother who has been a major influence in her life. 

Talking about her mother, Indra said in an interview, “Every night at the dinner table, my mother would ask us (her elder sister) to write a speech about what we would do if we were president, chief minister or prime minister - every day would be a different world leader she’d ask us to play.”

During an annual convocation of Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, she also revealed that she still calls her mother 2-3 times a day and gave an uplifting and motivating speech that urged the students to visit their parents regularly.