FaZe Rug (real name Brian Awadis) bought himself a Lamborghini! The 20-year-old took to Instagram to flaunt his new car to his 2.2 million followers last month. Safe to say that this young social media star is banking a ridiculous amount of YouTube money.  

The San Diego, California native has over 6.2 million followers on his self-titled channel and is followed by 1.64 million people on Twitter. He joined YouTube in 2012 and hit his first million subscribers on October 9, 2015. From there it has been quite a smooth ride for Awadis, reaching 6 million subscribers in August 2017. 

Along with his FaZe clan members, Awadis is one of the most watched vloggers on YouTube. His YouTube career took off when he was in his freshman year of college and it has now turned into a full fledged career that has proved to be quite profitable.

The Lamborghini is not the only car FaZe Rug owns. He got himself a white Range Rover Supercharged in May 2016. He shared a pic of his new purchase on Instagram and made sure to thank his followers in the caption. “I can’t even believe it. Thank you guys so so so much for everything. If it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t be able to make this purchase. LETS KEEP KILLING IT,” wrote Faze Rug.  

FaZe Rug isn’t the only one who has splurged on awesome wheels. View our gallery for the crazy expensive cars of the FaZe clan members.