The Hollywood couple seems like a match made in heaven. They seem to have been able to cope with the differences in their relation, along which they have built a perfect platform to build a stable relation in the future. It can be ensured that no problems shall arise in the future but one thing is sure that there are no issues at the present moment that seem to invite a divorce so far.

#donnielovesjenny is back TONIGHT! Live tweet with us during the show at 10/9c on @aetv!

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The happily married couples have never been in the gossip floor for an extra-marital affair. The way they maintain a good understanding and step forward in a relation with a positive vibe about their future, the chances of going through the tough phase seems minimum.

After listening to Hello by Adele for the first time… #LOVE!

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The celebrity couples are now a part of a reality show “Donnie loves Jenny”. On the show, which airs live on A&E on Wednesday, Jenny showcased her willingness to change her name to Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, after once stating that she would never change her name.Likewise, she currently passed her driving test and her identity in the licence is of Jenny McCarty Wahlberg.

Donnie Wahlberg has build up a jaw droping net worth with his multi-talents

Donnie Wahlberg has been involved in more than one profession; he has actively worked as an actor, songwriter, films and television producer, and a radio personality. With his skills and unwavering determination, he has been able to achieve success from all the professions in which he has tried his hands.

The 47 years old actor currently holds a net worth of 20 million dollars. Most of his net worth came from his performance with the New Kids on the Block. The whooping amount that he accumulates in a year helps Donnie flaunt his professional success in front of the world.

On the streets of New York! #NY70 #BlueBloods

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Donnie and Jenny McCarthy, who are married since August 2014 in a grand wedding in Chicago, are still enjoying the cordial relationship they share. Adding to Wahlberg’s fruitful marital life, he possesses enough net worth that ensures a stable and admirable life ahead. With a sound relationship with a wife on one hand and financial stability on the other, Donnie Wahlberg is far away from the chances of divorce with Jenny McCarthy.

Donnie Wahlberg married wife Jenny McCarthy on 31 August 2014, in St. Charles near Chicago.Together from 2012, the couple is going as strong as they were before marriage, keeping divorce rumors far from sight. Donnie is equally successful in his professional life and has earned a huge amount of net worth.