Molly Line has stepped into the second phase of her married life after delivering a baby girl in August 2016. Molly and her husband Matt Petrus’ house is filled with baby giggles, and the couple is still overwhelmed by the joy of becoming parents for the first time. Have a dip in Molly and Matt’s love story.  

Molly Line and Matt Petrus married nearly a year after their engagement

Molly Line and Matt Petrus live a romantic life down in Boston with their cute little daughter.

Molly Line is sitting in  her husband Matt Petrus's lap. The couple seem to be in vacation, they are wearing sorts which is revealing Molly's and Matt's legs, Matt's legs go unnotice infront of Molly's hot legs.

Matt and Molly had known each other since they studied at Virginia Tech, but they never had a chance to have a conversation there. They somewhat owe their relationship to this mutual friend, Paul, who introduced them one night at Bogen’s, a bar and restaurant.

After a few years of dating, they got engaged on June 9, 2011, followed by a lavish celebration of their wedding ceremony on July 21, 2012, at Jackson Community Church.

Molly Line announced the birth of her baby via Twitter

Molly remained silent about her pregnancy for most of the time in the early phase. Then in July 2016, she posted a picture of her flaunting her eight-month-pregnant belly with a sweet message, “Soon to be #bornintheusa ? Happy Mama! #ProudAmerican.”

Fox News correspondent Molly Line pregant

Molly and Matt welcomed a baby girl on August 9, 2016, and a couple of days later, Molly took to Twitter to share a picture of her newborn to announce her daughter’s name. She wrote, “It’s a girl! Meet Maryn. My husband and I welcomed a daughter on Tues morn. Feeling blessed and thankful!”

Molly Line's newly born daughter, Maryn

Molly Line’s career is also as blissful as her love life

Molly Line has become one of the prominent names in the American media industry. Her path in reaching Fox News Channel was truly based on her talents.

Pregnant Molly Line with Bill Hemmer on Fox New' show 'America's Newsroom'

Line’s successful career has helped her earn widespread popularity and huge net worth.

Everything to know about Molly Line’s successful career and net worth