Fox News Channel’s reporter, Heather Childers has been a little coy on revealing her love life to her followers. The 48-year old reporter holds such a beauty that even a teenager can be jealous. Is she married? Well, it’s a longstanding question her fans are seeking an answer for a long time. Let’s dig into her personal life.

Heather Childers has hinted about her boyfriend through Instagram posts

Heather has not made any comments regarding her life behind the camera. But after a little stalk into Heather’s Instagram account, the conjecture’s suggest, Heather is seeing this tall hunk. The pictures reveal that the guy is active on Instagram as tzb3.

Heather Childer and Thomas in a sporty wear, Thomas hugs Heather sideways.

His real name is Thomas, but other biographical information about him is still not accessible besides a fact that he is a Charlotte, North Carolina native. From Thomas’s Instagram account, it seems that he is a sports enthusiast and loves playing golf.

Childers’ social media account is filled with many pictures at stadiums and at the beaches with her alleged partner. Thomas is also sharing pictures of them time to time. There’re photos of them together on Instagram since 2013. Maybe their relationship began during that time or before that.

Heather Childers is not getting married anytime soon

After being all aware of Heather Childer’s co-hosts and best friends, Ainsley Earhardt and Anna Kooiman’s happily married life, the desire to know about Heather’s love life heats up even more. But to her followers who are desperate to see her walk down the aisle, the good news seems nowhere around the corner.

Four beautiful ladies giving a closure look to the camera all blonde and pretty on their party dress.

Childer’s turning 50 soon, but she seems happy in a relationship with her work. She has a fabulous work life, even though she’s been linked with Thomas, the Instagram guy, she’s nowhere near on her marriage.

Heather is a career focused woman. Not focusing on marriage ain’t a big deal with the glamorous life the striking beauty is living. Perhaps, she is planning big with her long-time partner.