In search of Hazen Audel’s Wiki? You’ve picked the right one. Read on for a brief bio on the 43-year-old Hazen Audel. 

Primal Survivor’s Hazen Audel Wiki: Net Worth 2017

Hazen Audel was born on 25th January, 1974 in Spokane. He is an American native and belongs to Kootenai and Salish tribes from his ancestry. Audel was a curious kid. His love for nature persuaded him in getting a Bachelor’s degree in biology.

Hazen Audel getting deep into the texts while reading to learn one of the tribes ancient histories.

Further fueling his interest, he chose Meso-Indian traditional hunting practices, ethnobotany, tropical ecology and cultural use of natural resources for his post-graduation studies at the University of Hawaii. Along with the above-mentioned degrees, Hazen holds a master’s degree from Whitworth University in teaching.

Hazen loves sharing his love for nature with other people eager about it. He came up with a web series namely The Wild Classroom where he gave educational lectures on natural history. He has also worked as a high school biology teacher for over a decade and as a wilderness guide and instructor.

Hazen Audel is holding a baby crocodile, he has tied his mouth with his hand. His body is painted all mud while catching the crocodiles.

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Audel’s passion for nature got acknowledged after appearing on National Geographic’s Survive the Tribe. His first episode aired on July 24, 2014. After the success of the show, he was cast into National Geographic’s next show Primal Survivor. The show’s primary theme is about exploring nature. Audel has accumulated a net worth of $2 million from his television career.

Hazel Audel married or yet to get married?

Hazel Audel is yet to get married. The National Geographic host turns opposite of brave when it comes to finding love. He is not in a relationship at present. It is not that Audel’s not interested in girls, he says he is not fortunate enough to find the long lasting true love kind of relationship. 

Hazen Audel is hugging a reindeer in a snowy path.

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Hazel had been in a relationship with a girl that he didn’t choose to reveal…for six years. The ending was tragic. He revealed that now he at least knew what kind of people to not fall for.

Audel’s relationships are mostly hampered by his constant traveling. We hope Hazel gets the love he has been searching for real soon.