Harlow Andrus is a well-known celebrity’s child. Her mother is a famous actress. In addition, her father also appeared in a few movies.

Harlow’s mother, Nancy McKeon, is an American actress. Besides, her father, Marc Andrus, appeared in the movie Murder Rap. In addition, Harlow is the youngest of two children.

How old is Harlow Andrus?

Harlow Andrus is 15 years old. She was born in 2006. However, the star’s child’s date of birth is unavailable to the public.

A picture of Harlow's sister Aurora
A picture of Harlow’s sister Aurora
Source: Twitter

Harlow also has an older sister named Aurora Andrus. Aurora is 18 years old. The older sibling was born on  March 6, 2004.

How old is Sankara Alafia?

Not much information is available on the younger Andrus sibling. Besides, Aurora is very active on Instagram and loves to do yoga. However, it is unclear if the two sisters are close.

Harlow’s mother, Nancy McKeon

Harlow Andrus’ mother, Nancy McKeon, was born on April 4, 1966. The actress, McKeon, was born in Westbury, New York.

A headshot of Nancy McKeon
A headshot of Nancy McKeon
Source: IMDb

Nancy started her career as a model for baby clothing when she was two. She appeared in many commercials with her brother. Mckeon’s family moved to Los Angeles after her brother got a significant role in a TV show.

McKeon is known for her roles as Jo Polniaczek in The Facts of Life. In addition, she was the voice actress for many ABC Weekend Special cartoon characters. Furthermore, she also auditioned for the role of Monica Geller on Friends, but she did not get the part.

Harlow Andrus’ parents’ relationship

Harlow Andrus’ parents met on a set of the Hallmark movie, A Mother’s Gift, in 1995. The couple became friends. However, they soon started dating.

Nancy and Marc posing for a picture
Nancy and Marc posing for a picture
Source: Pinterest

After dating for eight years, the couple decided to get married. Nancy and Marc exchanged wedding vows on June 8, 2003. Whatsmore, the ceremony was held at the ranch in Texas owned by Marc’s family.

The couple lives on a ranch in Austin, Texas. McKeon often posts pictures of her family on her Instagram. Nancy and Marc are delighted with each other and their two beautiful daughters.

Harlow Andrus’ parents’ net worth

As of 2022, Harlow Andrus’ father’s net worth is $1 million. Marc Andrus makes his income working behind the cameras. Marc has shown little interest in becoming an actor.

Nancy McKeon on The Fact of Life
Nancy McKeon on The Fact of Life
Source: Pinterest

Nancy McKeon’s net worth as of 2022 is $2 million. She made her fortune working as an actress. Whatsmore, McKeon appeared as Demi Lovato‘s mother on Sonny With a Chance.

Nancy also was a contestant in Dancing With The Stars. The actress competed in the show’s 24th season. However, she finished 6th on the show.

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