Greta Van Susteren has been married to John P Coale since 1988. However, she does not share any child with husband till now. The reason behind not having a child even after near 2 decades of marriage is yet to be revealed.

Scientology couple, Greta Van Susteren and John P Coale has experienced the 28 year long journey making the most of their moment together

Greta Susteren is a lawyer and she was lucky enough to get a husband from the same professional background. Greta’s husband, John is a tort lawyer. The couple has successfully crossed the 28-year long marital journey, with each other’s support and love.

In 1979, she graduated from Georgetown University Law Center earning Juris Doctor Degree. The very talented and intelligent woman was awarded by Stetson Law School for an honorary doctor of laws degree.

Her husband also graduated in law and then started journalism career after graduation. Her husband John was famous as an 'Ambulance Chaser'. He began to be known as a 'Bhopal Coale' for his solicitation of clients among victims of the Bhopal disaster.

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Two decades is a really long time to be with each other. Their understanding is what keeping them together for this long time. They have crossed every hurdle together. Both of them are very successful in their professional life. They are the member of the church of Scientology.

Besides being the competent journalist, Greta Van Susteren has effectively balanced her professional and personal life together.

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Just, how the couple’s professional life is on the peak of success, their marital bond is also going rock strong full of love and romance. The pair journey is exemplary, that’s not a lot of people have this kind of bonding.

Together for more than two decades, the couple is yet to experience parenthood

The two has been together for so long but do not share any children yet, neither biological nor adopted. The real reason behind the cause has not revealed but there are many speculations.

Being together for so long and not having any children, sure raises questions but they never spoke about it. Greta Susteren and John Coale were so committed to building their career and maybe that’s why they don’t share any children, yet we don’t have any convincing information.

Despite not having a baby, Greta Van Susteren and husband John has maintained a cordial relationship and they are near to reaching their 30th marriage anniversary.