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5 Amazing facts about The Flash star Grant Gustin

Grant Gustin has been a household name among DC Comics fans since 2013, when he first portrayed the role of Barry Allen in the second season of Arrow. Apart from his recurring role in a few episodes of Arrow,  he has nailed his performance as superhero Barry Allen in CW’s arrow-verse series The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. In 2015, he voiced the character in the famous web series, Vixen

Additionally, he is recognized for his well-applauded appearance as Sebastian Smythe in the Fox musical comedy-drama, Glee. The movies, Affluenza and Krystal, mark his strong presence in the silver screen. 

If you are obsessed with the charismatic actor, we have a list of five interesting facts about him.

Flash isn’t his favorite superhero

Grant Gustin showing off his tattoo, which reads "Superman…… I love him"

Even though he has been playing the role of Barry Allen for more than 7 years now, Flash isn’t his favorite superhero. Surprisingly, his favorite is Superman, the son of Krypton himself. He has been following the ‘man of steel’ since forever and even has a tattoo in his arms which says, “Superman…… I love him,” in his mom’s handwriting. 

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He is fast on his feet

Grant Gustin attending Kids Choice Awards 2016

Aside from running 760 mph, Grant is really quick on his feet while dancing. He is a trained professional dancer who toured Norfolk with an Elvis-themed tap dance group when he was 10. His dancing skills are evident in the video of the song, I Want You Back. He initially auditioned for a role of a tap dancer in the series, Glee but ended up taking the role of Sebastian. 

He is highly educated 

Grant Gustin looking away with a smile on his face

Seeing him as Flash makes us think that, he was born to be Barry. However, his acting abilities didn’t just come as natural talents, he had to work hard for what he is now. After completing his studies in the Governor’s School For the Arts in his hometown, Grant honed his skills further attending BFA Musical Theater Program at Elon University in North Carolina for two years.

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Grant has famous friends

Grant Gustin taking a selfie with his Supergirl co-star, Chris Wood

As famous as he is, Grant is friends with famous people as well. One of them being his co-star in Supergirl, Chris Wood. The Vampire Diaries star and Grant first met while at Elon University and have been close with each other ever since. These two actors are seen supporting each other on the set as well as on social media. 

He is not single 

Grant Gustin hugging his fiance Andrea "LA" Thoma, who is flaunting her engagement ring

Well, if you have a crush on Grant, keep it to yourself because the actor is already taken. Since January 2016, he is in relationship with a beautiful woman named Andrea "LA" Thoma, who shares his passion for dancing. Thoma is a member of Beyoncé’s dance crew. The couple announced their engagement on April 29, 2017. The actor made it official via an Instagram post featuring the couple’s cute beachside selfie. 

What do you like the most about this charming actor? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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