One of the most renowned actors in the history of the American acting field, Gary Sandy who is commonly known as Gary has been the heartthrob of the nation of over a decade now. Setting up a respective identity from the film 007 and then going on with the roles in the shows like Kate and Allie and Brooklyn South was the major outlook of Sandy's life. Not only this, he has graced the famous series like Letter of the Law, Charade, Tunnel of Love, and Comeback with a guest appearance that has got him many acclaims from his critics.

Sandy's role as Andy Travis on the hit series WKRP was his breakthrough as an actor. His role was famous even among his critics who did applause him for his dedication towards acting. Then Sandy was able to play distinct roles whether be like that of Butch Love maiden on Reivers or Cliff on the famous Comeback. His acting skill then led him to grab the challenging role in the film Unforgettable where he got nominated and later awarded in the Teen Choice Awards.

Being a valiant producer does not guarantee that one can be as valiant lover and the affairs and dating rumors of Sandy have proved so till date? According to the UK's Sunday Magazine, a long relationship of Sandy and his girlfriend-com-wife Laura Soltis was nearly ended due to commitment issues. After Laura, Sandy was linked in relationship with a French runway model that too got broken because of his time management issues. Now it has been in latest talks that Sandy will take a serious step in making his relation work no matter who he links with. So it seems as though Sandy needs to work out the magic formula to making a relation work like he does with his movies.