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Untold Story of Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer | Net worth

Wheeler Dealers has been considered as one of the best car shows that exhibits the restoration and transformation of old cars into brand new. The show became an instant hit, thanks to the amazing collaboration of Edd China and Mike Brewer. Edd left the show after thirteen seasons due to a conflict with the direction of the show. However, Mike continues to handle the helm of the show along with a new host, Ant Anstead.

Apart from what you see on screen, the life story of Mike Brewer has several twists and turns. Today, we present you some facts about Mike you probably didn’t know.

#5. Early Start

mike brewer posing fr a picture like he is holding the Hollywood sign

Mike Brewer was born on August 28, 1964, and grew up observing his father, Roger Wilks customizing cars. He discovered his passion for cars at an early age and started his professional career as an auto trader. Soon, he established himself as a sharp and honest motor trader and was offered his first series, Deals on Wheels, on Channel 4 in 1997.

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#4. Casting as a Host of Wheeler Dealers

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Mike earned a huge fan following as a TV presenter alongside his co-host, Edd China. He has been hosting Wheeler Dealers since its inception in 2003. The show is currently running in its 15th season.His extensive knowledge of cars and interactive attitude is what viewers like the most. He has contributed in successfully pulling all the episodes of Wheeler Dealers with high TRPs. His undying passion for cars and cheerful presence on air keeps his fans waiting for the Wheeler Dealers new season quite eagerly.

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#3. Happily Married

Mike brewer has a family of three. The family looks happy together. They are looking at the camera and smiling.

Probing into his personal life, we can say that he is happily married to his beautiful wife, Michelle Brewer. They tied the knot after dating for 13 long years. Considering their togetherness for decades, their relationship can be referred to along the lines of “And they lived happily ever after...” He shares a daughter with Michelle.

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#2. Life Threats After Edd’s Departure

Mike Brewer and Edd China standing alongside each other

Soon after Edd China announced his exit from the show after the 13th season, Mike endured death threats as Edd mentioned about some disagreements with him publicly. Reportedly, there was a number of cases of public harassments confronted by Brewer and his family. The news of Edd leaving the show spread like wildfire amongst the fans, and Mike began to receive a chain of death threats from enraged people. As Edd learned about the situation, he made a statement mentioning that Mike was not the reason for his decision. This pacified the situation, and Wheeler Dealers was all set for the entirely new season, where Ant Anstead took over Edd’s place as new host.

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1. An Author

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Apart from being a TV presenter, Mike Brewer made an effort to pen down his experiences in the book, “The Wheeler Dealer Know How!” In the book, he wrote about specific vehicles, their trouble spots, desirable models, his memorable moments as a car dealer, his all-time favorites and more inside details. The book was published by Veloce Publishing in 2013. The insights into the book reflected every experience that Mike had acquired to date, and this was something loved by all the car enthusiasts, especially the Wheeler Dealers fans.

Mike Brewer is expected to bring some more exciting episodes of Wheeler Dealers for the huge fan following he has rightfully earned since 2003. Along with the stardom as an accomplished motorhead, he has also collected an estimated net worth of $1.5 million as of 2018.

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