Evelyn Taft is a gorgeous American meteorologist, news editor, and journalist. She is the chief weeknight meteorologist at KCAL-TV. She has succeeded in the media by her exceptional work ethics and resourceful insights.

Mini Bio:

Evelyn was born on August 24, 1984, in San Francisco, America. Her parents were Jewish immigrants from Mexico. Since childhood, she was passionate about being a popular journalist.

She had hosted numerous travel and entertainment shows since anearly age. Following her dreams, she attended the University of Southern California and graduation with Bachelors in Broadcast Journalism and Political science.

Evelyn is fond of travelling. Since her early years, she has been fascinated by World cultures and languages. She travelled England, Israel, France including other European and Asian countries. She started her media career while still a teenager.

Evelyn started her career in broadcast journalism as a weather anchor and news reporter at KCOY-TV. Apart from the weather reports, she was appreciated for her coverage of devastations in war-prone areas, namely the Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, and Iraq.

In 2008, Evelyn joined KRON-TV as a weather forecaster. After serving two years in the network, she resigned joined her current network, the ‘KCAL-TV’.

Family and Personal life:

In 2011, Evelyn married Ross Resnick, the founder of catering and advertisement franchise – the “Roaming Hunger”.

Besides the notification of the wedding ceremony, not much is known about Evelyn’s married life. Although a successful media personality, she tends to be secretive about her personal life issues.

On March 2014, Evelyn gave birth to a very cute daughter Elle. Elle was named after Evelyn’s late grandfather. She has recently given birth to another baby boy. Not much has been disclosed about her new-born yet. It is safe to assume that she is a very busy person,in both the media and the family of four.

In addition to her exceptional work ethic, Evelyn has been noticed for her charming face and magnetic personality on-screen. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches. She has a perfectly shaped figure and hot legs that attract many. She has not undergone any artificial implants or plastic surgery to enhance her looks.

Associated With:

Evelyn has gained great fame and fortune from her career. She must have already earned a considerable amount that adds up to her net worth and property. Also, her incredible media career has gathered huge fan following who regularly follow her on Twitter @EvelynTaft.