Weather girls! We just love them. Rain or shine, they are always radiant- always so sexy. Briefing on the day’s weather, they bring fun in the world of television through their report and undoubted exotic beauty.

And our honorable mention for today is Evelyn Taft! By all accounts, Evelyn Taft is the sexiest meteorologist in San Francisco and probably across entire America. So, let’s take a look into Evelyn’s personal life and her incredible curves!

Weather hottie: Incredibly sexy Evelyn Taft’s measurements

San Francisco native and all round bombshell Evelyn Taft is a weathercaster whose fine and defined figure graces the television screen when American viewers tune into KCAL9 channel.

With well-defined curves, charming eyes, naturally big breast, and dazzling smile, the meteorologist Evelyn Taft entertain millions of viewers every day during the weather forecast broadcast on KCAL9 Channel.

Evelyn has mostly been in limelight for her much-talked-about voluptuous body measurement, especially her large breast. Five feet seven inches tall Evelyn has a gorgeous physique with a considerable height.

Evelyn has a slim midriff defining hot figure with a measurement of 39-25-37 or so called hourglass body type. Now at 32 of age, Evelyn’s form, with an itty bitty waistline and 32DD bra size, easily flatter her upper body & flaunt her curvy midriff.

Evelyn wears 32DD bra size and those are her natural breast. Many of her fans often discuss whether her large & perky boobs are some sort of breast implants or real. True is that those are just the result of naturally firm bust & fitting quality bra. Plus, her long and slender legs add an extra point on her sexiness.

Married life of Evelyn Taft: Happily experiencing parenthood with her husband

From girlfriend-and-boyfriend relation to lawfully wedded husband-and-wife, Evelyn Taft and Ross Resnick shares a very strong bond with one another. Ross Resnick, who is an entrepreneur became the husband of this gorgeous lady in 2011, a year after their engagement in 2010.

In October 2013, Evelyn confirmed that she was pregnant & already knows the sex of the baby. However, she didn’t share the information at the time.

And when her friend Liberte Chan hosted a baby shower party for her, it was known that her baby will be a girl named Elle. She gave birth to her on 1st March. We wish both of them a lot of happiness!