Erwin Bach’s fans are curious to find out about his net worth as he is a famous music executive and also the husband of the famous singer, Tina Turner. Read on to find out about his net worth.

Erwin Bach has a net worth of $50 million

Erwin was born on January 25, 1956, and he is a German music executive. Erwin and his wife Tina Turner both have a successful career. The two have not only become great supporters for each other personally but professionally as well. Erwin has been able to accumulate a huge net worth of $50 million from Tina’s record sales. Tina, on the other hand, has amassed a net worth of $250 million.

What Happened to Tina Turner? Where is Tina Turner now?

Erwin married Tina in July 2013 after being in a relationship for almost 27 years. They got married on the bank of Lake Zurich in Switzerland. Their marriage was controversial as Erwin is 16 years younger than his wife.

Erwin bach is with his wife Tina Turner. Tina is smiling and wearing a black dress. Erwin is wearing black suit and silver scarf.

They first met in 1985 at an EMI record label party. In an interview in 2006, Turner explained their relationship saying, “People often ask me why don’t I marry. I have love. I have a good life. I don’t need to interfere with that.” She added, “We are married — we just haven’t walked down the aisle, and until there’s a need to, we probably won’t.”

The couple tied the knot quietly but the party afterward was loud. More than 120 guests, including Oprah Winfrey and David Bowie, were invited to the star-studded event.

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Erwin Bach is Tina Turner’s second husband

Tina Turner was previously married to Ike Turner. Although in the initial years of knowing each other Tina and Ike saw each other as brother and sister, they eventually started a sexual relationship and ended up marrying in Tijuana in 1962.

Following the marriage, Ike started becoming abusive towards Tina. She has claimed that Ike once hit her in the head with a shoe stretcher while Ike has also admitted that he has slapped and punched her to the ground. Ike also admitted that he has married at least 14 times and that he and Tina weren’t legally married. 

What happened to Ike Turner and Tina Turner? How did Ike Turner die?

Tina divorced Ike in 1978 and abstained from serious relationships for a long time. 

Erwin Bach is holding Tina Turner's hand. He is wearing a black suit with white shirt. Tina is wearing a green gown.

Tina has two sons – Ronald Renelle Turner with ex-husband Ike, and Raymond Craig Turner with ex-partner Raymond Hill. Tina also adopted Ike’s two sons with Lorraine Turner, Michael and Ike Jr. whereas she shares no children with her current husband. Tina revealed in her book that she was pregnant again with Ike in 1968 but she had an abortion after finding out that Ann Thomas, one of the Ikettes, was also pregnant with his child.

Tina applied for Swiss citizenship shortly before marrying Erwin. She became a Swiss citizen on April 22, 2013, and gave up her American citizenship on October 24 that same year.