Erin Angle is married to The Walking Dead star,  Jon Bernthal, since 2010. She has three children from her marriage.

Erin Angle is a niece of WWE wrestler Kurt Angle

Jon Bernthal’s wife Erin Angle is related to former WWE wrestler, Kurt Angle. Erin is Kurt’s niece. 

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Erin and Jon dated for a couple of years before getting married on September 25, 2010. They threw a grand wedding party in Potomac, Maryland.

Jon Bernthal is touching Erin Angle's forehead with his forehead while Erin has her hand on his arm. They are sharing their first dance as bride and groom.

The couple is blessed with two sons and a daughter. Henry, their first child was born in 2011. Their second child, Billy, was born in 2013 and their youngest child, Adeline, was born in 2015.

Erin is a housewife. She has chosen to stay at home to give full time on taking of her children while her husband Jon is busy working in movies and TV series.

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Erin Angle’s husband Jon Bernthal holds a huge Net Worth

Bernthal is one of those American actors who has earned success in both movies and television industries. He has also performed in over 30 plays regionally and Off-Broadway. Many times, he has worked with his own award-winning theater company, Fovea Flood.

Jon Bernthal holds his wife Erin Angle by her waist as they both smile for a picture.

Jon has been working as an actor as soon as he completed his studies at American Repertory Theater. The Walking Dead did not only help him in rising to prominence, but also in accumulating a huge net worth. Reportedly, The Walking Dead played significant role in increasing his net worth with salary of approx, $80 thousand per episode.

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