Elizabeth Gillies is gifted with a well-toned body measurement; hence, she never fails to flash her curves in bikinis. She recently broke up with her boyfriend. It’s a shame if someone doesn’t appreciate that lovely figure.

Elizabeth Gillies has an amazingly natural body

The 23 years’ old Elizabeth Gillies has an obsession with miniskirts by the day and bikinis by the pool. Gillies loves taking photos in the beaches, especially when she is in a sexy flaunting bikini and well-tanned.

A rare beach day for me. Kinda nice.

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Elizabeth stands 5’7” or 1.7m tall and has a weight of 55 kilograms. Luckily, she has a Body Mass Index of 18.9 which slightly raises her into the normal weight category. It means she is not like the lean and thin models in the fashion industry.

Gillies wears a bra size of 36D. That’s pretty big for a woman in Hollywood. On top of that, her body becomes more flaunting on a tight clothing as she has a body shape of 36-23-34. This body measurement gives her an amazing curvaceous looking body, giving her the best appearance in anything she wears.

Elizabeth gained her attractive body from intense diet and insane workouts. Indeed, she has worked really hard to maintain her Hollywood body. It’s the appearance that matters a lot in the filming and television industry.

Isn’t she mind blowing? Girls, you may want to stalk her methods of keeping in shape. When asked about her secret to her maintained figure, Elizabeth was modest, “There are better figures than mine. I am just a regular gym woman.”

Besides, her body looks flattering in formal party attires as well. Well, you may have seen her elegance onthe red carpet as well. Take a look at this photo!

Elizabeth Gillies is currently single after the breakup with her previous boyfriend Logan

Just 23, Elizabeth Gillies has had one serious relationship in her lifetime. She started dating Logan Miller when she was 18, in 2011. However, the teenage relationship didn’t work out well for both of them, so they had to separate.

After Logan, she dated Eric Nelsen, her co-star in 13 The Musical. Their relationship lasted two years but ultimately suffered a breakup after the Broadway show ended.

Currently, Elizabeth Gillies is single and apparently ready to mingle. Guys, good news for you all! Moreover, Elizabeth Gillies’s libidinous body in her amazingly fitting attire are what men crave for.