Elisabeth Hasselbeck constantly shares gluten-free products on her Instagram account and has made several related videos. Her experiences, healthy diets, and workouts have helped people suffering from the same problem.

A mother of three, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her Measurements

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has become one of the sexiest moms with an amazingly perfect body. After three kids, Elisabeth has gone through many workouts and diets to achieve such a body, which you can learn from her books.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck posted this picture on Mother's Day
Elisabeth Hasselbeck posted this picture on Mother’s Day. Source: Instagram

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has become one of the sexiest moms on television with that perfectly shaped body. She has three kids. Even after three pregnancies, her body measurements are 36-27-34 inches.

To lose post-pregnancy weight is not a joke. But this mother of three children makes it “not a big deal” to lose weight and get into an amazing shape.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck deserves the tag of one of the sexiest moms on television.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a slim banana shape body with impressive measurements of 36-27-34 inches. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs only 58 kg. Her long sexy legs complement Hasselbeck’s perfect body.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck took a picture with her dog
Elisabeth Hasselbeck took a picture with her dog. Source: Instagram

In an interview with Fitness magazine, she said, “I lost my baby weight without dieting.” Just after six months after the birth of her second child, she flaunted her flat tummy in a bikini.

The View host did a cover shoot for a magazine in a bikini, and for the cover shoot, she worked out for six weeks, including daily dashes and weight training and did ab work two times a week.

Elisabeth ate healthy foods as per the nutritionist-design. Moreover, she avoids gluten due to celiac disease. Likewise, Hasselbeck has also shared her workout techniques with the oxygen magazine, and she is seen performing some difficult poses. Guess it’s not a piece of cake to gain such an amazing body without daily hard work and sweating.

Hasselbeck has revealed that she workouts to attain inner peace and stay healthy other than to attain an attractive body. She always pushes herself to the limit to get strong. There’s no second thought that she is one of the sexiest moms.

Health problems made Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s weight loss process difficult

Since her college days, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been an athlete and has run since she could keep up. Elisabeth likes to call herself a runner. She includes running in her daily exercise routine.

The TV host was the women’s softball team captain for two seasons in college, winning consecutive Big East championships. Still, she can be seen participating in marathons. Furthermore, losing weight for Elisabeth was never an easy task as she had celiac disease and underwent surgery to remove her abdomen tumor.

Hasselbeck has always been open about her battle with celiac disease and has discussed it in her books. Moreover, Elisabeth has been eating gluten-free foods and has comprehended her gluten-free diet in several books.

The actress hired a personal trainer and performed only those suitable workouts to perform with such health problems. She consults a nutrition specialist for her diet.