A legendary figure who has printed his name in the golden letters in the pages of history of his profession Ed Asner an American film, stage and television actor, voice actor and a former Screen Actors Guild’s president.  Well known for his Emmy Award winning work as Lou Grant in historical and famous The Mary Tyler show and Lou Grant. Ed Asner was born on November 15th of the year 1929. 85 years aged Ed was born in Kansas City, Missouri, United States. He has been associated with American political party named Democratic Party. Ed Asner was married to Nancy Sykes in the year 1959 and they got divorced in the year 1988. 10 years later he married Cindy Gilmore and they too got divorced in the year 2007. He has four children named Matthew, Liza, Kate and Charles. He currently holds residence in Santa Monica, California, United States. . Asner believes that dedication and hard work can define impossible unrealistic. He is one of the most successful individual in the world of his profession. Dedicated from his very early days he has kissed the horizon of success through his willpower.  His sensational work is responsible to earn the social and economic status he holds today. Ed Asner had his education in Wyandotte High School and his higher education in University of Chicago. He is a famous and well established actor and political activist who has given hundreds of praise worthy memories to the world.

Some of the movies he has been part of: Up, The Gathering, Rich Man, Poor Man, The Christmas Card, Superman/Batman, Christmas is Here Again, Hard Rain, To Big to Fail, Gigantic etc. His bio is available in wiki. Ed is a rich man who has the net worth of around 1.5 million which is supported by his earnings form movies and political works.