Doug Marcaida is an American reality star. The Forged in Fire judge’s life is wrapped around Kukris and blades. It’s his passion for work that has brought him so far. Know about Doug’s career happenings in 2017.

Doug Marcaida Wiki: Short bio

A highly skilled martial artist, Marcaida is Filipino. The American artist got noticed for his ultra-weapon handling skills after his appearance on the History show Forged in Fire. The show is running successfully in its fourth season. Doug’s passion for weapons is quite distinctive if you visit his social media sites.

Doug Marcaida looking sideways wearing a black jacket.

The middle-aged actor is solely in limelight for his pure talent on handling sharp edges, as he utters no word about his personal life.

Doug’s constant involvement in inventions and development of sharp metals has raised questions on his relationship status.

But for the time being, he seems to be devoted to his profession. Or he might possibly be hiding things from the camera. Whatever it might be, we hope Marcaida soon opens up about his personal life to his ever curious fans.

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Doug Marcaida’s works for the Kali art contributes to his net worth

Doug Marcaida had taken the training of Kali, a Filipino martial art emphasized on the usage of weapons like sticks, batons, knives and other weapons during his early age. The fact that the art included weapons for fights which people perceived to be dangerous is yet to gain wide recognition.

With a view to change the perception of Kali, Doug has come up with an academy which teaches his version of Kali, namely Marcaida Kali. He wants to develop Kali as an art which helps protect people rather than hurting them.

Doug Marcaida smiling for the camera wearing a smile on his face and a sling on his right arm

He was not much of a public figure before he appeared in History’s Forged in Fire. He was appointed as a judge in this show. He tests the blades presented by different aspiring artists. But his role has been reduced in the recent season because of his arm surgery.

Doug Marcaida’s arm injury required a surgery! When will Dough be back in the game with his amazing skills?

Other than this, Doug is popular for his inventions of blades. The most popular creation he has come up with was The Dart Knife. It holds modern features, with ring holders and the blade is not curved and is easy to use.

Marcaida seems busy carving designs into the blades as of now. The unique profession that he has chosen has helped him gain huge popularity. He might have gathered an impressive net worth from his television appearances.