Donna Karan is considered to be a designer who can make voluptuous look fashionable. Because her body is far from size zero at 68, she does not design dresses for size zero. She has claimed that she designs all her dresses by placing herself in place of a common woman who does not necessarily have a perfect body.

Donna is one of the most persuasive fashion designers in the world. She is a trend setter in current fashion era. She has been endorsing body confidence and is continuously making a huge impact in the fashion world with her designs.

An interesting instance, Hilary Clinton wore Donna Karan on her first White House dinner. The First Lady was first to wear Donna’s cold shoulder dress. In a Instagram post, Donna thanked Hillary for her endorsement of the clothing line and added “HILLARY is always a role model for women and our country dressing and addressing the issues at hand.

Donna started her career as Anne Klein's assistant designer. Her official account claims that for her, “it literally and creatively began in New York. She was born into fashion on Long Island”. She also designs clothing and footwear for men.

Donna Karan creates flawless designs that are capable of hiding all the body flaws

The official website of the Donna Karen New York claims that its “exclusive collection embodies the ultimate in luxury, sensuality, comfort and creative expression”. The foundation boasts on having used “finest quality fabrics, workmanship and technological innovation”.

Donna Karen’s designs are capable of making anybody look flawless by enhancing their qualities and hiding any body flaws.

Donna Karan, American fashion sensation behind the Donna Karan New York clothing labels, launched a fragrance named Cashmere Mist in 1994. Cashmere Mist is an enchanting classified fragrance created for women. It was launched by the Donna Karan fashion house.

Cashmere Mist is a unique blend of beautiful aroma and long-lasting fragrance

Donna Karan 's Cashmere Mist is one of the bestselling perfumes. Cashmere Mist has luscious, woody, and parched fragrance. It possesses fresh floral jasmine mixed with rich sandalwood and sweet vanilla. “The main notes of the fragrance are Moroccan jasmine, lily, bergamot, sandalwood, amber and musk”. Its fragrance lasts throughout the day.

One of the users of the fragrance remarked “It is delicate, very distinctive, very noticeable and has that beautiful wafting quality during 8 hour lasting power.” She further added “People will always notice you, always comment on your perfume”.