Updated: 12/15/2017 11:40 AM | First Published: 12/15/2017 10:40 AM

DJ Marshmello to reschedule show in Kathmandu, Nepal. Club Deja Vu owners arrested

Marshmello doing the namaste pose

DJ Marshmello cancelled his Kathmandu show on Wednesday. He was scheduled to perform in club Deja Vu in Nepal. The club owners have been arrested by the police for overselling tickets.

Marshmello show in Deja Vu Nepal cancelled

Marshmello cancelled the event in club Déjà Vu in Kathmandu, Nepal. His fans were excited and waiting for him till 2:30a.m. The club owner announced that Marshmello cancelled the show because he got food poisoning and had a fever of 106 degrees.

Marshmello posted his heartfelt apology via twitter with the caption, “Nepal. I'm so sorry for not being able to appear for my performance last night at Deja Vu ktm. I was sick with an awful fever, & although I tried to come, the doctor ordered against it. Health first. I love you Nepal Mellogang, thank you for understanding & hope to see you soon.

Marshmello apologized after cancelling Deja Vu Nepal show

He also posted a similar post on his Instagram account apologizing to the Nepalese fans. He maintained that the fans shouldn't blame the owners or the promoters for the cancellation. He also assured them that he is working towards rescheduling the show in the near future. 

Outraged fans destroyed club Déjà Vu

After the MC announced that Marshmello will not be able to attend the program due to the circumstances, the audience turned furious and started destroying the club.

The video of people thrashing the club premises has been plastered all over the Nepalese social media and is viral now. It has been reported that 8 people were arrested: Jayan Shrestha, Mayank Khadka, Bishal Dangi, Milan Dangi, Prithu Banskota, Rajeev Maharjan, Akash Neupane and Ritesh Marwadi.