Love It or List It famed David Visentin is married to a woman named Tia Visentin. The couple shares a son together. The Canadian realtor and actor’s completely wrapped up personal life have triggered various rumors.

David shares a son with wife Tia Visentin

The television star keeps his personal life out of media limelight. His preference of keeping his family out of public eyes certainly raised questions like if he is gay or is still single. He has a small and happy family of his own. In fact, he is a good husband and a father.

Realtor David Visentin posing for a camera in peaceful environment in countryside

He is better-half to a woman named Tia Visentin and is also a dad to one. He says, one of his proud moments was the birth of his son Logan. In an interview, his remarked how he still remembered the look on his parents when they first saw David’s newborn. The small family of three reside in their house in Orlando, Canada.

Busy schedule as the realtor and TV host, certainly makes him hard in balancing his career and personal life. However, till date, he has succeeded in taking professional life and family hand-in-hand.

David staying lip-sealed sparked rumors of his chemistry with co-host Hilary Farr

He began his work in films and television in 2008 when he signed Big Coats Production for its W network series, Love It or List It along with fellow co-star Hilary Farr. If you’re one of those watching their HGTV show, then you might know the fact that the chemistry between David and Hilary is something to behold. But their witty conversation on-screen is what led people to think they might have something chemistry off the scene.

David Visentin and Hilary Farr, co-hosts of the show 'Love It or Like It'

David and Hilary do share onscreen partnership since nearly a decade ie. when the reality show was premiered in 2008. Perhaps, long professional journey together has made them so close that they seem cozy with one another’s company. No wonder, the two are seen arguing with each other like an old married couple in their show.

Visentin’s unrevealed personal life also sparked gay rumors. The Canadian real estate tycoon hasn’t publicized one picture of his wife and son. Neither he has been ever spotted making public appearances with them. This fact might have triggered varieties of queries about him subjecting his relationship status and sexual orientation.