David Packouz is an American former arms dealer, inventor, and musician. He is infamous for pulling off one of the biggest arms deals in America. However, Packouz currently became known as a musician.

Packouz served a sentence of seven months of house arrest. Guy Lawson transcribed his story into the 2015 novel Arms and the Dudes. In addition, the novel was later got adapted into a movie titled War Dogs.

How old is David Packouz? 

David Packouz is 40 years old. The singer was born on February 16, 1982. Furthermore, Packouz was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. And so, the ex-arms dealer, David, holds an American nationality. In addition, Packouz’s star sign is Aquarius.

David Packouz and his father, Kalman Packouz, took a selfie together.
David Packouz and his father, Kalman Packouz, took a selfie together.
Source: Instagram

Paclouz was born to Shoshana and Kalman Packouz. In addition, he is one of nine children. However, the identity of his siblings is unavailable. Likewise, his mother stays away from the limelight, but his father worked as Rabbi and an author in the past.

Before working at AEY, Packouz was a Licensed Massage Therapist. Not much information is available on David’s childhood. Besides, he does not talk much about his life. Moreover, he worked as a masseuse during his early college days.

Packouz keeps his early childhood hidden from the world. But, he did share about his early adult life. David joined the University of Florida in 2002 but later transferred to Miami Dade College in 2003. And he later graduated in 2005 with Chemistry as his major.

Is David Packouz married or single?

As of 2022, the former arms dealer, David Packouz, is single. However, he did have a girlfriend he loved. Moreover, Packouz’s ex-girlfriend remained away from the spotlight throughout their relationship.

David Packouz posted pictures of his ski trip of him and his daughter, Amabelle Jane.
David Packouz posted pictures of his ski trip and his daughter, Amabelle Jane.
Source: Instagram

David and his former partner welcomed a daughter. Furthermore, the ex-couple named their child Amabelle Jane. The identity of Amabelle’s mother is unknown. However, David shared pictures of the mother of his children in a music video. What’s more, Packouz dedicated the song to his daughter.

Is Efraim Diveroli in a relationship?

Packouz could be casually dating at the moment. But, he has not hinted at a serious relationship with anyone. Besides, David is very dedicated to raising his daughter. The ex-arms dealer currently lives out his life as a single dad.

David and his daughter share a strong bond. And so, the father and daughter duo never spend too much time away from each other. Likewise, his kid Amabelle often appears on her dad’s Instagram posts.

Read about the Net Worth of David Packouz

As of 2022, David Packouz’s net worth is approximately $2.9 million. He earned a lot after joining Efraim Diveroli’s arms company AEY Inc. in 2005. Packouz would later face convictions as well.

David Packouz posted a picture of his vacation in Thailand
David Packouz posted a picture of his vacation in Thailand
Source: Instagram

By late 2006, the crime partners had won 149 contracts worth around $10.5 million. During his time in AEY, David secured nearly $300 million in US government contracts.

However, Packouz and Diveroli were arrested for Conspiracy to Defraud the United States. Packouz appeared in his biopic as a singer after serving his sentence. In addition, he now stays away from illegal activities.

David invented a guitar pedal, the drum machine. In addition, he named it BeatBuddy. As of now, Packouz is the CEO of the music technology company Singular Sound. Aside from BeatBuddy and Singular Sound, the former arms dealer also works as a musician. Moreover, David sells his music on iTunes.

Packouz currently lives out his best life with his child. Moreover, as seen on his Instagram, the former arms dealer loves traveling and hiking.

David visited many exotic places with his daughter. But, he refrains from sharing his assets with his fans. So, it stays unclear which cars and how big the CEO of Singular Sound’s house is.

Guitars Over Guns

Given Packouz’s past, some might find it ironic that he joined a non-profit organization called Guitars Over Gun. Moreover, David and his philanthropic partner, Guitars Over Guns, provide BeatBuddy equipment to disadvantaged youngsters.

Lighter Sentence than His Partner

Although David Packouz did serve his sentence, his partner Efraim Diveroli paid a much higher price. Furthermore, Diveroli was sentenced to four years in federal prison. Meanwhile, David was only sentenced to seven months of house arrest.

Social Presence

David Packouz is active on Twitter and Instagram. In addition, he has a Facebook page and a YouTube channel. However, non of Packouz’s socials are verified.

David Packouz took a selfie from a rooftop
David Packouz took a selfie from a rooftop and later posted it on IG.
Source: Instagram

The singer has 13.4k followers on Instagram and two thousand followers on Twitter. Likewise, he has more than a thousand followers on Facebook and a million subscribers on his YouTube channel. However, David is more active on his Instagram.

Packouz shares several pictures of him living his best life. In addition, he shares photos of his daughter, who he adores. The star seems genuinely happy with his life.

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