A woman with who has given a lot for the betterment and development of world movies and has carried lots of bricks to builds the strong walls of Hollywood that stands today. Serving her profession as an actress with all she has, Daphne Maxwell Red an American actress her nearly given a half century of her life to the world of movies and television. Daphne Maxwell Red was born on July 13th of the year 1948 in New York City, New York, United States. She entered to the world of acting in the year 1979 and rest remains as a history.

Great woman, great actress, great wife and a great human Daphne Maxwell Red stands as an example of true marriage which is very rare in today’s society. She is one man woman who has been married to Tim Reid since the year 1982 and this beautiful couple has been living together ever since. The couple shares a son named Chris Tubbs. Daphne Maxwell Red also has two stepchildren named Tim Reid, Jr., and Tori Reid. Daphne Maxwell Red has three gorgeous grandchildren named Skylar Reid, Francesca Reid and Kai Tubbs.

Some of her admirable works:


·         Coach of the Year (1980; TV movie)

·         Protocol (1984)

·         Murder, She Wrote:The Body Politic (1988)

·         American Red Cross Emergency Test (1990)

·         You must Remember This (1992; TV movie)

·         Linc’s (1998)

·         Asunder (1999)

·         Alley Cats Strike (2000; TV movie)


Television shows:

·         The Duke (1979)

·         A Man called Sloane (1979)

·         Hill Street Blues (1981–1986)

·         WKRP in Cincinnati (1980–1982)

·         Hardcastle and McCormick (1983)

·         Simon & Simon (1983–1987)

·         The A-Team (1983–1985)


There are various other television shows she has been part of which can be analyzed in detail in wiki along with her bio. She is really a great woman with heavenly abilities. Even at the age of 66 she has been serving her profession with equal dedication like she used to have in her early 20s.