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Daniel Tosh's huge net worth is accumulated from his show Tosh.0 & Ticket Prices

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Daniel Tosh(May 29, 1975) is an actor, writer, executive producer, television host, and comedian.

Tosh is known for his dark comedy show Tosh.0, which is aired on Comedy Central.

He made an appearance as one of the "New Faces" in the 1988 Just For Laughs in Montreal.

His first act was televised in 2000 at the Theatre Saint-Denis.

Tosh.0 first premiered on June 5, 2009.

Daniel's comedy special, Daniel Tosh: Happy Thoughts, was released on DVD after it premiered on Comedy Central on March 6, 2011 which was watched by 3.25 million viewers.

Daniel started dating actress and model Megan Abrigo in 2009.

They were spotted at many public events together.

The couple dated for 5 long years and reportedly broke up in 2014.

Daniel is criticized for making crude jokes about his girlfriend in front of fans.

Daniel now tours around the US performing different shows.

He has performed many sold-out shows, which has helped him earn a fortune.

Fordes reported its estimation of Tosh's show ticket price at $161.94.

The comedian's net worth is $16 million and his yearly salary is expected to be $2.1 million.