Damien Strouthos is an Australian Actor. According to some sources, Damien was born on 1985 A.D. However, the information regarding his birthdate remains a secret.

The actor, Strouthos, holds Australian citizenship. One of his popular appearances is on The Tourist, released in 2022. Likewise, Damien appeared in the series Wonderland in 2013. Moreover, Strouthos became prominent after his appearance in television series and films.

The early life of Damien Strouthos

Damien Strouthos was welcomed by Mr. and Mrs. Strouthos in Sydney, Australia. Regarding his father, he is a soldier, and her mother is a fashion designer. Damien shares the happy moments and celebrates the events together. The actor holds a mixed ethnicity.

A photo of Damien Strouthos and his brother Andrew Strouthos in their childhood
A photo of Damien Strouthos and his brother Andrew Strouthos in their childhood. Source: Instagram

Strouthos has a brother who is far from the entertainment industry. Moreover, the name of his brother is Andrew Strouthos. Likewise, both of Strouthos’ parents like to lead their lives away from the spotlight.

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I Am Woman star Damien attended school with his brother. Regarding his bachelor’s degree, the actor got in the field of art of acting. Furthermore, Strouthos graduated from Barker College. In addition, the actor completed his Advanced Diploma from WAAPA.

Strouthos grew up in a Christian family where he got the freedom to choose the field of his interest. In addition, the actor gained support from his brother in his studies. However, he used to rank in the top ten in the class. The actor was always interested in makeup and the entertainment industry. So he used to participate in drama and acting during the programs at the school level.  

The actor started his career in his childhood as he believed in self-earning and independent life. Moreover, his parents are happy with his appearance, and thoughts and believe in his living patterns. As an Australian actor, Damien worked hard and tried his luck in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Physical appearance

Damien, the handsome Australian actor, presents himself in semi-formal attire at all the events. We can see him always set and energetic in all the programs. In addition, the actor is jolly and easily available to his fans. However, he likes to keep his private life out of the reach of the public. Damien has dark brown eyes and dark brown, blackish hair.

Furthermore, the actor is 5 feet and 11 inches tall, which is the average height of an Australian. Similarly, the actor is muscular and has maintained his body. Moreover, he is 84 kilograms.

Damien tends to spend three hours daily in the gym and weight lifting. Due to his physical and muscular look, he has more female fans than males. However, male fans follow Damien to know the tricks and steps he shares on his social media account, i.e., Instagram stories.

The love life of Damien Strouthos

Damien Strouthos has friends in different fields supporting him in this successful career. The actor shares the picture with his parents and friends. He tends to share happy and lovely moments on his social media account.

Damien Strouthos and his girlfriend Jessica Tovey celebrated a late Christmas.
Damien Strouthos and his girlfriend Jessica Tovey celebrated a late Christmas. Source: Instagram

Speaking of which, Damien is indeed in a relationship, according to his posts on Instagram. Furthermore, Strouthos started dating his baby momma Jessica Tovey in 2017. Moreover, Damien and his girlfriend, Jessica, lead a blissful life filled with love and support for one another.

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As we mentioned earlier, Strouthos and Tovey already welcomed a child. Moreover, Damien’s first child was born in October of 2021. Likewise, Damien and Jessica welcomed a daughter as their firstborn.

The actor is happily living and enjoying his child and girlfriend’s presence. His parents and partner remain supportive of him. However, Damien still enjoys his life away from the media’s focus. And so, the actor from Pieces of Her kept the names of his ex-girlfriends out of the spotlight.

Controversy around Strouthos

The Australian actor has not been part of the media. Moreover, he has managed to keep his personal life out of the reach of the public. Damien has not yet been a part of controversies. The actor is working and struggling hard for his new projects.

The actor has appeared in numerous television series and some films. However, he is working hard for his appearance in a lead role in the entertainment industry. Also, the actor has spread his tentacles in modeling and art career so that he does not have to depend fully on acting.

Net Worth and Career of Damien Strouthos

Given his short list of credits, Damien Strouthos is but a starter in the entertainment industry. However, as of 2022, The Twelve actor, Strouthos, holds an estimated net worth of $200k. Likewise, Damien earned his wealth through all the acting gigs he has performed so far.

Damien Strouthos took a picture in a snow-covered New York.
Damien Strouthos took a picture in a snow-covered New York. Source: Instagram

As an up-and-coming actor, young talents usually earn the bare minimum. Moreover, actors and actresses in Australia earn an average manually salary of $91k. Likewise, new talents make an hourly income of $46 per hour. And as a mostly regular on TV shows, Damien must earn between $50k to $70k an episode.

Some of Damien’s remarkable presences in the entertainment industry are:

  • I am Woman
  • Home and Away
  • Wonderland
  • The Twelve
  • Pieces of Her
  • The Tourist
  • Frayed

Damien started his career in the entertainment industry in 2017. The Wonderland star leads an elusive life. Furthermore, as of 2022, Strouthos holds a very small online following. The actor from Frayed currently has 717 followers on Instagram. Likewise, Damien also uses Linkedin.