When it comes to cementing the family legacy, nobody did it better than Dale Earnhardt Jr. He is the son of the legendary stock car racer, Dale Earnhardt and his second wife, Brenda Gee. His paternal grandfather, Ralph Earnhardt, was also a NASCAR driver, and his maternal grandfather, Robert Gee Sr., was a builder for NASCAR. 

When Dale Jr. started out in racing, he definitely had the upper hand as the son of a NASCAR racer. However, his talent and sheer dedication made him who he is today. When he retired in 2017, he had twenty-six NASCAR wins, two Daytona wins and fifteen “Most Popular Driver Awards” and let’s not forget a colossal net worth of $300 million.

Dale Jr. will easily go down in the annals of racing history as one of the greatest, and his achievements will always be remembered but here are some facts about him you have definitely forgotten about.

Gas Tank at Home

Dale Earnhardt Jr. sitting in his car with a smile on his face

There are things that are logical and make a lot of sense but outright are a little off, like a gas tank at Dale Jr.’s house. He was given the idea of buying gas in bulk by NASCAR veteran, Kenny Wallace, in 2003. 

It has probably saved him a lot of money, but his fans will never have a chance to run into him at gas stations.

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Almost bought a Tank 

Dale Earnhart Jr. is wearing his suit for racing with a sun glass and cap

Back in 2012, when Brad Keselowski wanted to buy a tank, the same idea had crossed Dale’s mind as well. Brad wanted to buy a Hellcat, the fastest and lightest tank from the second World War and hoped to drive it on the road someday.

If Brad had gone along with the idea, Dale would have also probably bought one for himself, and there would be two rich guys with their own tanks.

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Concussion and Infections

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is wearing red t-shirt, rap, sun glass and is holding a pipe in his hand

Dale Jr. has endured three concussions in his career. He sustained one in 2002, another in 2012 and again in 2016. In 2016, he started experiencing symptoms and instead thought that he was having allergies and was diagnosed with a sinus infection. When treatments didn’t work out, he saw a neurologist, who suggested he rest for a few weeks. He has fully recovered since.

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Race Car Collector

Dale Earnhardt Jr. standing with his hands folded in his racing suit

If you ever wanted to take a walk around the North Carolina’s woods, you might find a few race cars with only their bodies. These belong to none other than Dale Jr. He has a race car graveyard where he keeps wrecked bodies of race cars which have once completed the lap. In that place, legends become history.

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Dale & Junior never talked about racing

Dale Earnhardt is putting his right on his son, Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s shoulder

Even though Dale Sr. was there for his son almost all the time on the track, and the two enjoyed each other’s company, they never talked about racing. They never discussed their careers in general, except for things which might jeopardize Junior’s career. Fans have seen how proud Sr. was of his son, but the two never conversed about the sport. Maybe, off the track, they just wanted to bond as father and son, not fellow racers.

So which of these Dale Jr. facts did you find the most interesting? Let us know in the comments.


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