Craig Melvin is married to wife Lindsay Czarniak. They have two children from their marriage.  Scroll down for the details on their love story.  

Craig Melvin proposed Lindsay Czarniak twice!

Craig and his wife Lindsay Czarniak first met while they were covering the 2008 Beijing Olympics for NBC4. However, the first talk happened on air after returning to the States.

Melvin was invited to Lindsay’s charity gala along with his other NBC colleagues. Impressed with Craig’s super gentleman appearance, the two ended up kissing in Lindsay’s kitchen.

Craig Melvin and his wife Lindsay Czarniak returning home after hosting a grand wedding ceremony. The bride and groom are looking adorable together.

Things were casual for both of them for about six months until Melvin put forward his wish to take the relationship to next level in 2009. Unfortunately, Lindsay denied the proposal at that time to avoid work romance relationship issues.

The refusal had created distance between the lovebirds. Melvin not being able to move on asked for a meeting at Bar Pilar. The meeting was what it took Lindsay to realize the importance of Craig in her life. They got back together.

In 2011, Craig put forward his second proposal in Miami. Lindsay was ready for it this time. So their relationship was officially labeled with marriage on 15 October 2011.

Craig Melvin and wife Lindsay Czarniak have two children

Craig Melvin and his wife Lindsay Czarniak are blessed with a son and a daughter from their married life. Lindsay gave birth to her first child, Delano Joseph Melvin on March 11, 2014. She recently gave birth to her second child, Sybel ‘Sibby’ Ann on November 6, 2016.

Lindsay Czarniak smiling, Craig Melvin holding their son

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