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Best restorations by Count's Kustoms in Counting Cars so far

Counting Cars has been running in the History channel since 2012 and has become one of the best car restoration shows of all time. The show is hosted by the 54 year old car expert, Danny Koker, a.k.a. Count and his crew, who are, well... ‘Magicians’ with old and junk cars. The magic takes place at Count’s Kustoms, an automobile restoration garage owned by Count in Las Vegas. These guys have done some amazing jobs with the cars and know what they are doing. Here are 5 of the best cars Count and his crew have successfully restored. 

‘68 Dodge Charger 

68 Dodge Charger

This 1968 Dodge Charger came into the garage as nothing more than an engine. Danny and the crew fixed this car by adding a 727 torque flight transmitter, stock tight steel wheel with dog dish hubcaps and a 6 pack hood scoop to give the car it’s classic and mean look. The only change in the interior system of this car was a new stereo. This car was one of best that have left Count’s Kustoms.

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Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

America is all about Mopars and in the third season of the show, Danny got a ‘67 Ford Mustang all in good shape but it just lacked the nastiness. They gave the Mustang a blueprint 331 stroker engine with 375 horsepower and 390-foot pounds of torque. Inside, they gave the car classic black leather seats and didn't forget to embed their shop’s logo. The paint job of the car was done to pay a tribute to Mustang coops of the Trans Am circuit of bygone days. Surely, Danny would have paid big bucks to keep this beauty but it was not for sale. 

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1979 Chevy Z28 

1979 Chevy Z28

This car came in as a challenge to Danny for the paint job by the car owner but only paint jobs don’t make cars beautiful. So, Danny and his crew added a 383 stroker engine with 440 horsepower and a 700R4 transmitter. As for the exterior, they painted the car with “flames” following the request of the owner. The Chevy Z28 became the most eye-catching car to ever leave the shop. Thus, the challenge was complete. 

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Lincoln Continental

Lincoln Continental

This car wasn't that bad to start off. The fascinating luxury car was a piece of history in itself. Danny didn’t have to do much with the car’s interior because it was in perfect condition. So, Danny’s crew gave this beast a nice and smooth, two-tone exterior paint job, which would match perfectly with the interior of the car. Once again history was on the road. 

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All-American Corvette

All-American Corvette

This car was owned by Andy Ross and it was all about America. The crew outdid themselves with the most bad-ass paint job of all time trying to reflect the owner’s patriotism with flags of the U.S. and the letters - 2nd Amendment, which nobody can miss. The red, white and blue seats was a cherry on top. Under the hood were a 625 horsepower engine and suspensions and brakes powerful enough to handle those numbers. Watch out Americans, a Patriot is on the road.

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