Cory Gruter Andrew came to fame in the year 2015. However, he would later gain his big break in the TV movie My Sweet Audrina in 2016. And the following year, Cory found another big push in the TV series The 100 as Aden in the same year.

Aside from his acting career, Andrew also holds a massive online following. Furthermore, the actor thrives in the spotlight. But, the award-winning actor likes to keep his family away from the limelight.

How old is Cory Gruter Andrew? Age and Birthday

Cory Gruter Andrew is currently 20 years old. Besides, the young actor will turn 21 on September 1st, 2022. Furthermore, Andrew was born on September 1st, 2001. Likewise, Gruter was born to his parents in Vancouver, British Columbia., Canada. And as such, the star from Anne With an E holds Canadian nationality.

Cory Gruter Andrew was posing for pictures in his back yard
Cory Gruter Andrew was posing for pictures in his backyard. Source: Instagram

Andrew comes from white ethnicity. Likewise, he was born to Oliver Gruter Andrew and his wife. However, Cory’s mother remains hidden from the world. Similarly, the actor was raised in a Christian household. And Cory was born under the zodiac sign Virgo.

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Cory seems to be the only child of his parents. Besides, the talented actor has yet to share much about his family. Likewise, Andrew keeps most of his childhood hidden from the world. But, it seems he started acting after joining an acting camp when he was 13 years old.

After the acting camp, Cory asked his mother to sign him up for a professional actors class. And so, Andrew’s acting journey began. Moreover, his mom managed to find a way for him to attend the world-acclaimed school Arts Umbrella.

How tall is Cory?

Cory Gruter Andrew holds an impressive height. What’s more, Andrew stands at five feet and eleven inches. His other defining feature would be his eyes and hair. Likewise, Cory’s hair is blond, and his eyes are light blue.

Andrew also holds a lean build. Moreover, with his height and body, Cory looks like an athlete. Similarly, fans love the young actor’s smile above all else.

How Rich is Cory Gruter Andrew? Cory’s Net Worth

Cory Gruter Andrew holds a long-running career, from which the actor earned a decent amount. Besides, Cory currently has a roughly estimated net worth of around $2 million. But, the actor seems to be on hiatus for now.

Cory Gruter Andrew was posing on a park bench
Cory Gruter Andrew was posing on a park bench. Source: Instagram

The soon-to-be 21-year-old actor appeared in various TV shows and movies. Moreover, his breakthrough came in 2018 on Anne with an E, the Netflix show. He portrayed Cole Mackenzie, one of the main cast. Furthermore, Cory earned around $40k per episode as the main cast member.

Cory holds around a million followers on Instagram. And as such, he also draws his income from paid promotional posts. Similarly, Andrew shared a post on his IG with a PS5 Disk Edition giveaway on his Instagram. Likewise, at the time, he was promoting Secret Sauce, RIPNDIP, and SupVan.

Currently, Cory keeps himself busy away from the limelight. Likewise, the talented actor keeps a low-key life hidden from the world. However, earlier in May 2022, Andrew shared a picture of his new car, a 1983 Honda. Moreover, the Canadian actor rarely posts on his Instagram account these days. For more details regarding his online presence, please keep reading!

Online Presence

As of 2022, Cory holds 1.5 million followers on his Instagram. Besides, he loves to post about his work and day-to-day life. On Twitter, the talented actor has accumulated around 44.5k followers. But, Gruter’s account lay dormant for now.

Is Cory Gruter Andrew Dating a Girlfriend?

Cory Gruter Andrew believes in keeping his profession and personal life from each other. And so, the award-winning actor kept his love affairs as far from the media as possible. And Cory remains very successful on that topic.

Cory Gruter Andrew was giving away a PS5 Disk Edition on Christmas day
Cory Gruter Andrew was giving away a PS5 Disk Edition on Christmas day. Source: Instagram

But is he dating a girlfriend in 2022? No, it seems the actor isn’t single at the moment. Furthermore, the actor/online influencer currently focuses on his career. However, he also loves spending time with his girlfriend. Besides, Cory prefers to keep his partner away from the spotlight. But, from time to time, he did share pictures of his dates on IG.

Going back to the past, Andrew kept all of his past relationships hidden from his fans. Was he single this whole time? No, with how good-looking the young artist is, he probably dated many partners in the past. But, due to his private nature, Cory kept the names of his ex-girlfriends hidden from the world.

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