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Clinton Kelly, an American fashion consultant, TV personality and author

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Clinton Kelly is smirking at the camera, folding his arms. He is wearing a light-blue shirt and black tie.

TV shows, books and clothing line have helped fashion consultant Clinton Kelly in accumulating a net worth of approx. 2 million till date. His huge net worth is mostly credited to What Not to Wear. ABC's The Chew is primary source of income for Clinton at present.

Clinton Kelly is standing behind clothes hanger and Stacy London is holding the clothes hanged in the hanger. Both of them are wearing black dresses. 1 of 15 Swipe To View More 15
American TV personality Clinton KellyThe Chew co-host - Clinton KellyFormer What Not to Wear co-host, Clinton KellyClinton Kelly, an American fashion consultant, TV personality and authorClinton Kelly and husband Damon BaylesClinton Kelly with his pet MaryClinton Kelly with husband Dr. Damon BaylesClinton Kelly with guest Snoop Dogg on The ChewThe Chew castClinton Kelly during his first year at Boston CollegeThe former I Hate Everyone, Except You book coverClinton Kelly and Devyn SimoneClinton Kelly with parents and husband

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