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WCVB TV metereologist Cindy Fitzgibbon

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Cindy Fitzgibbon in a magenta dress
Cindy Fitzgibbon joined WCVB TV in April 2013. She is one of the StormTeam 5 members on the channel.
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Cindy FitzgibbonCindy Fitzgibbon at a basketball game with her two adorable sons Caleb and CameronCindy Fitzgibbon with her WCVB colleagues at the 2016 USA Thanksgiving paradeCindy Fitzgibbon with husband Chris Gobeille and their two sonsWCVB TV metereologist Cindy FitzgibbonCindy Fitzgibbon reporting weather on WCVB TVCindy Fitzgibbon is one of the Storm Team 5 on WCVB TV.

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