BBC TV series, Bargain Hunt, which has been on screen since 2000, boasts an array of antique experts.

Christina Trevanion is the one of the antique valuers appearing in the show.

She is the daughter of David Trevanion and Hazel Trevanion, a florist and auction fanatic. She has two sisters, Nicola and Morwenna.

As a child, she would insist her parents to take her to watch auctions and she would search boxes and bags for treasures.

After graduating in Fine Arts Valuation from Southampton Solent University, she joined the team at the prestigious London auction house, Christie’s.

She has been living in Shropshire, where she heads up the jewelry department in a long-established local auction house.

She collects jewellery, gold and silver, 20th century decorative arts, ‘70s bubble base, bud vases and 18th century teapots.

She has appeared as an auctioneer on a number of BBC shows like ‘Antique Road Trip,’ ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ and ‘Flog It!’

In 2014, Christina founded an auction house, Trevanion and Dean, in Whitchurch, Shropshire, alongside Aaron Dean.

Aaron, a valuer of furniture, books, curios, letters and signatures, is her friend from college.

Christina and Aaron’s comprehensive experience of fine art, antiques and collectibles have helped them provide high quality experience to the buyers and vendors. 

She is pretty close with an auctioneer and coin collector, Timothy Medhurst, with whom she attends auctions together.

She is a married woman and has two children. She has chosen to keep her private life confidential.

She is regular on social media, where she posts about her amazing finds.